Indie Studio Certain Affinity Opens New Toronto Office to Work on New Sci-Fi FPS

Indie Studio Certain Affinity Opens New Toronto Office to Work on New Sci-Fi FPS

Richard Walker

Certain Affinity, the indie studio responsible for co-development duties on a range of triple-A franchises and games like Call of Duty, Halo, Left 4 Dead, DOOM, and most recently Crackdown 3, has announced the opening of a new location in Toronto, Canada. The new studio will collaborate with the Austin, TX team on the company's upcoming co-op sci-fi FPS title, 'Last Expedition'.

"Toronto is becoming a hub for game development with its progressive and multicultural environment and its thriving design and technical talent pool," said Certain Affinity President and Founder Max Hoberman. "We have built a company not only with top talent and benefits, but also with one of the game industry's most inclusive and diverse cultures, and we look forward to bringing this mindset to our new Toronto studio and to being a positive member of the Toronto business community."

The new studio will ramp up operations with more than 60 members of staff, and will serve as a 'fully integrated extension' of Certain Affinity's main Austin studio, which employs over 170 developers. The studio will continue to co-develop games alongside other dev teams, but will also move into lead game development with Last Expedition, and presumably future titles.

"While maintaining its core co-development business, the company has recently shifted its focus to lead game development, with a model of developing games as a service, available online and continuously updated with new features and content," the announcement reads.

Certain Affinity will also be expanding its studio in Austin, as well as extending its operations in its new Toronto location, as it works on co-development on games with other studios and continues development on its own projects.

"Our success in Austin has been incredible and we're fortunate to be based in such a thriving, creative and supportive city," Hoberman added. "We've built a business with one of the industry's most inclusive and diverse cultures, filled with talented people full of pride and passion for their work and for the company. Austin is our home and headquarters and we will continue growing here and continue investing in this city and community, while also accelerating our expansion through our sister site in Toronto."

Certain Affinity has also recently celebrated its 12th anniversary, during which time its contributed to and developed 29 products across a dozen different franchises, totalling more than 100 million units sold. "The new Toronto location will supplement the Austin studio currently developing an ambitious original title as well as an original IP game, 'Last Expedition,' which is a sci-fi co-op FPS."

Hopefully, we'll hear more on Last Expedition and Certain Affinity's other projects soon.

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