RAGE 2 Gameplay: 12 Minutes of Mutant Mashing Mischief and Mayhem

RAGE 2 Gameplay: 12 Minutes of Mutant Mashing Mischief and Mayhem

Richard Walker

While you may not have actually asked for it, RAGE is getting a sequel, fittingly enough titled RAGE 2. And it turns out, you'll likely be glad that id Software and Just Cause studio Avalanche got together to create an open-world FPS sequel, boasting a heady brew of ultra-violence, outlandish abilities, big guns and vehicular carnage.

We got to enjoy a good few hours with RAGE 2 earlier this month, and where the previous game adopted a more linear approach with various shades of brown in its post-apocalyptic world, the follow-up injects colour, different biomes - swamps, jungle and such - and a welcome dose of creativity into proceedings.

In short, having played RAGE 2, we're considerably more excited than we were before, and you can see why for yourself in our gameplay video below. If you're after some more in-depth RAGE 2 impressions, hit up our hands-on preview here. RAGE 2 launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 14th May 2019.

  • I really enjoyed the original Rage and always wanted a more open sequel. The new one looks fantastic and is one of my most anticipated for this year.
  • Ah... maybe I'm old but it's just trying way too hard. I can do without the bright neon colors everywhere. How do they have futuristic weapons when everyone lives in run down shacks?
  • @2 Its usually what Steampunk refers to. Sort of like an historic time period but with advanced weapons/vehicles. Its like having a sort of NG+ set in the past but now you have better stuff to enjoy in that time period. Or it could be that they have advanced weapons from the past war but have no idea how to build houses. Firing and building guns doesn't mean they would know how to build a solid ground foundation and have architecture knowledge of housing etc.
  • No word of a lie, I stumbled across the trailer for this game a few weeks ago, not knowing it was the RAGE 2 trailer whilst watching it... 3/4 a way through it I said to myself "This must be the new Borderlands trailer, this game looks awesome!!" ... then at the end it said "RAGE 2" I was like Whaaaaaaaaaaat? Haha. I enjoyed the first Rage a lot, just the ending or lack of ending sucked.. This game does look pure fun, will definitely pick it up at some point
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