Ubisoft Cancelled Sci-Fi Game 'Pioneer' is Reportedly Still in Development

Ubisoft Cancelled Sci-Fi Game 'Pioneer' is Reportedly Still in Development

Dean Abdou

According to Kotaku, the space exploration game 'Pioneer' which was being developed by Ubisoft has actually been rebooted rather than being completely cancelled and scraped.

Pioneer is reportedly still in development, but the original vision for the game has now been changed from a space exploration title into a co-op multiplayer alien shooter. It will still retain some of the features from the original concept and will be developed using Rainbow Six's Anvil game engine.

It's a little up in the air whether Pioneer will still look like what the Watch Dogs 2 hidden teaser showed as the game has changed the direction it was going originally going in. Perhaps it might have some similarities, but it's all but a waiting game until Ubisoft make an official announcement.

  • It makes no sense to keep the title then. "Pioneer" was to be about Space Exploration, meaning being a pioneer.... Using the same title for a co-op MP Alien Shooter is like, "What?! I don't get the title..." Change the name to something else, instead of making yourselves look as clueless, as the decision to can the original title...
  • @1 the game is in development and the title will likely change. They don't look clueless. Relax.
  • Name it "Oregon Trail"
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