Far Cry New Dawn Gameplay: Witness 10 Minutes of the Inventive Pink Apocalypse!

Far Cry New Dawn Gameplay: Witness 10 Minutes of the Inventive Pink Apocalypse!

Richard Walker

Narratively speaking, Far Cry New Dawn might be a follow-up to the events of Far Cry 5, but make no mistake, this is still a standalone Far Cry game, albeit one that's set amid one of the most beautiful and colourful post-apocalypses we've ever seen.

With the game now less than a month away, we got our hands on some new Far Cry New Dawn gameplay, in which we get to see some of the weapon customisation, outposts, the various objectives you'll be tackling, and all of the verdant green grass and pretty pink flowers.

Every bit as chaotic as a Far Cry game should be, there are loads of guns, vehicles and more to look forward to in Far Cry New Dawn, as well as what Ubisoft is calling 'RPG lite' aspects, including your Homebase with a slew of customisation and crafting options. Nice.

Far Cry New Dawn launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 15th February 2019.

  • Looking forward to this. I always enjoy the Far Cry games and I love post-apocalyptic themed stuff. I was super into the whole makeshift style of the weapons and stuff when I first saw stuff from this game. Theres way too many games though. My backlog is getting crazy again. So it kind of sucks that this is coming out the same time as Metro.
  • "Pink Apocalypse" So they basically ripped off Rage 2's theme.
  • I wonder if you can give your bad ass female lead character a nice hipster beard in the customization menu. I heard you get a real pink beard made of camel hair with the special SJW edition that you can order with 20% off in the Ubi store.
  • I love if the ending to this game was the intro to the "Blood Dragon" era, just to tie in the series
  • #3 I hear there is an option to make your character LGBT and you get to choose its physical gender and its mental gender. I guess thats what happens when you spend all your time making fun of President Trump and the NE Patriots. As opposed to actually focusing on the quality of the game.
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