Someone Has Used the Dreams Beta to Recreate P.T.

Someone Has Used the Dreams Beta to Recreate P.T.

Richard Walker

Media Molecule's upcoming Dreams sounds like it's going to be a powerful creative tool, and some have already been putting it to use to make games using the PS4 beta. One such example is an impressive recreation of Hideo Kojima's Silent Hills proof of concept teaser, P.T., which hews very close to the original, nailing the atmosphere and look or the ill-fated demo.

Showcased in a 30-second clip posted to Twitter, creator Sergeant Bike replicates the haunting corridor from P.T. brilliantly, even if he doesn't quite manage to achieve the level of visual detail that the original had. The lighting and style is dead-on, however, with even some of the game's audio samples present and correct.

While this P.T. creation technically contravenes the non-disclosure agreement that comes with participating in Dreams' beta on PS4, it's a great example of what can be created in the game, and for the time being, it remains live on Twitter for all to see.

We'll also get to see plenty more of what players can conjure up in the full version of Dreams when it launches for PlayStation 4, sometime in 2019.

  • Looks cool, hopefully it ends up as close to the original as the Unreal 4 demo was.
  • It won't be long before Konami issues a copyright strike against this so enjoy it whilst you still can :(.
  • As cool as this is, I just can't see this game becoming a good seller... You need to have something in addition to the creation aspect, just like how LBP was an interesting platformer. I'm not a creative person, and so far this leaves me with no interest in picking it up despite loving the studio.
  • @3 "something in addition to the creation aspect" There's going to be a story mode but what you're really not seeing here is the hundreds if not thousands of hours of content that creative people are going to come up with. This is a full fledged game/media making engine. After seeing what people have done in BLP I can only imagine what masterpieces will be created in Dreams. No doubt some future game developers will be getting their career start in this sandbox. By buying this product you're basically getting access to a game factory with years and years worth of new content at no cost.
  • Wow, I can't wait to see what else people will come up with. People were able to create really cool things with the fairly limited tools of the LBP games. I just hope the online doesn't suffer from being slow as hell, which was a huge problem for LBP3 especially.
  • @2 So true. They can't be too happy about this.
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