Devil May Cry 5 Given Mature Rating For Featuring Some Naughty Words and Bits

Devil May Cry 5 Given Mature Rating For Featuring Some Naughty Words and Bits

Dean Abdou

The ESRB has given Devil May Cry 5 a Mature rating for the game featuring blood, partial nudity, strong language and violence.

Based on the early gameplay previews, it isn't really that surprising to see that the game has been given a Mature rating. Considering its theme along with what past titles have been like, this was expected, but at least fans now know that they can expect to see a little bit of nudity and some very naughty words being flung about.

The rating summary actually gives some players a bit of an insight to what they can expect to see in the game when it comes to the gameplay side of things. Part of the summary reads, "Battles are highlighted by gunfire, screams of pains, and slow-motion finishing moves/highlights. One cutscene depicts civilians screaming in pain while being impaled by demon tentacles."

You can check out the full rating from the ESRB below thanks to Twitter user Wario64. Devil May Cry 5 is set to be heading to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 8th March.

  • Screams of pain.. . I find that very funny... sounds like a decent song name for a metal band lol
  • Aww sounded good until it said there was cursing. I won't buy it now. F**k that S**t
  • Santa left town already. They can be naughty all they want haha
  • Sounds like Devil May Cry to me.
  • Any nudity? if not...not mature enough....
  • Was DMC never M?
  • I don't remember a game of this type of game-play that *wasn't* 'M'. Also, no "nudity", just "partial". That is, showing a bit more than "Normal city-street amount of" skin. Bikinis that don't cover everything in a game is "partial nudity". It might be too risqué for E10, but probably would merit a 'T' without the frequency of strong language & violence present.
  • TL;DR Trish is in the game so it's getting an M rating :P
  • I hear the guy hangs dong.
  • Partial Nudity is newsworthy now? I'm sure SJWs will still cry sexism and objectification. I miss the good old days. #Old
  • Every single DMC had an M rating, so no big deal here.
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