RAGE 2 Has a May 2019 Release Date, New Manic Trailer

RAGE 2 Has a May 2019 Release Date, New Manic Trailer

Richard Walker

At last night's The Game Awards, amid the myriad announcements and occasional, actual award, Bethesda announced that RAGE 2 will be launching in May 2019.

The release date confirmation also brought with it a new and suitably unhinged trailer, showcasing the game's expansive open world, its multiple biomes, zippy gyrocopters, massive guns, Mutant Bash TV gameshow mayhem, huge monster trucks, and 'Faction-action'.

Somewhere amongst all of the pandemonium was the release date too. RAGE 2 will be heading to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 14th May 2019. Check out the latest trailer below.

  • This is going to be a blast. At least till Borderlands 3 releases.
  • After the technical trainwrecks that are Fallout 76 and Just Cause 4, I have no hope that this will be any good so will be skipping it.
  • Considering it’s rinning in iDTech I beg to differ #2... it will most likely be much more polished than either of those two. I am waiting for sale for entirely different reasons and I really hope Doom eternal will launch around that period too, maybe a month later...
  • @2 Bethesda's only publishing it, not developing it. I trust id Software quite a lot. Though Avalanche Studios is a bit worrying. @3 It's not running on id Tech, but rather, Avalanche's Apex engine. https://www.shacknews.com/article/105027/rage-2-uses-just-cause-series-engine-instead-of-idtech
  • @4: For me, it doesn't matter if Bethesda are only publishing this or have a hand in developing it as I simply don't trust them not to find some way of royally screwing things up.
  • Hmmm that sucks then #4. IDTech is such a nice, smooth engine. This may just turn out worse than I expected then and honestly I never enjoyed just cause, but loved Rage, so will give it’s go when discounted all the same. This type of game is screaming co op to me though...
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