Fallout 76 Beta Impressions: How is the Online Fallout Shaping Up?

Fallout 76 Beta Impressions: How is the Online Fallout Shaping Up?

Richard Walker

When it transpired that Fallout would be exploring online territory for Fallout 76, we weren't too sure that it was the right direction for the series to take. After all, Bethesda's series in its current guise has been about venturing into the post-apocalyptic wasteland alone, with maybe only a dog or super mutant friend as company.

While you can still play Fallout 76 as a lone survivor, facing feral ghouls and rogue androids with no one to back you up, it seems to defeat the object somewhat, this being a game better played with others, if you want to get the most out of it. And with public events and such, there's only so much you can achieve alone.

That's one thing that became abundantly clear while playing Fallout 76's recent B.E.T.A., which has to make a few concessions being always online and all that. V.A.T.S. just isn't the same, for instance, but then the card-based S.P.E.C.I.A.L. perks are quite cool. Swings and roundabouts, eh?

Fallout 76's B.E.T.A. commences tonight on PlayStation 4 and PC until 4th November, with the next session live today at 7pm ET. You can consult the Fallout 76 Beta schedule here.

  • I'll be skipping this game entirely. Visually and gameplay wise it looks exactly like Fallout 4 = nothing new. Will wait for proper next-gen Fallout sequel.
  • The Beta reviews so far, have been lukewarm at best so I'll be waiting until this hits the Bargain Bin before I go anywhere near it.
  • I can't believe you have to pre order to play the beta sorry for a game that looks nothing like anything new, nor does it feel like a full priced game and one that's probably gonna be buggy and just a full beta for a year or more it should of been free. They really are having a joke asking for pre orders for a game no one wanted or asked for and to lock out the beta test that's not how you do it if you want people to buy your game
  • This game just has fail written all over it
  • @1 Funny you said that, I thought same thing when F4 came out and looked just like F3... I feel like it’s about time to update engine over at Bethesda, it’s the old tired case of COD up to couple years ago and just this year for TT, not to mention few key but under the radar offenders. Hard pass for me this one is...
  • Tried the Beta got to make a character then the servers shut down so yea...the vault was nice though I guess.
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