Watch Us Smash Darksiders 3 Sloth Boss in New Gameplay

Watch Us Smash Darksiders 3 Sloth Boss in New Gameplay

Richard Walker

In Darksiders III, Fury, the flame-haired Horseman of the Apocalypse and whip-wielding protagonist, will be taking on the Seven Deadly Sins, a series of formidable bosses all centred around a different sin. Previously, we took down Envy, and now we're back to give Sloth a good hiding.

Essentially a big green bogey with a head like a grasshopper and little splindly limbs, Sloth has certainly earned his moniker, and he's not averse to spewing nasty green gunk from his toothsome mouth. Thashing him with Fury's whip and her Hollow powers is a blast.

Give our Darksiders III boss battle gameplay a look below to see Sloth getting what he deserves, and be sure to check out our recent 13-minute gameplay video here too. Darksiders III launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 27th November 2018.

  • lol at first i thought it said the darkness 3 and i was like holy shit click! but guess i'm seeing and hoping for shit that's not there
  • With the way DMC5 looks, Darksiders 3 needs a lot more improvement to be on par. :|
  • @1 LMAO I swear to god I thought the same exact thing!
  • @1 we can only hope that some day we will get it
  • Hey I'm for Darkness 3 as well... Massive Image/Top Cow/WildStorm fan here... I remember posting in the Darkness 2 forums a while back for a Witchblade appearance or her own game as well... Darksiders is by Joe Maduriera I believe and was also part of the WildStorm universe. BTT... so Darksiders 3 isn't as "Dark Souls" as earlier reported? I'd be chuffed to bits knowing this is the case.
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