It Looks Like Devil May Cry 5 Multiplayer Could Be a Thing

It Looks Like Devil May Cry 5 Multiplayer Could Be a Thing

Richard Walker

Multiplayer in Devil May Cry 5 could be a possibility, if information attached to the game's listing on digital storefronts is to be believed. Head over to the game's page on the PlayStation Store, and you'll be greeted with "Network Players 2-3" pointing to the possibility of online co-op. Curious...

With the introduction of new fella V, Devil May Cry 5's cast has expanded to three playable characters, meaning that co-op for 2-3 players could be an entirely plausible thing. Whether or not this would appear in the game's story, however, is unclear. Perhaps co-op and/or multiplayer will have its own separate mode.

That's assuming, of course, that the feature has been listed for Devil May Cry 5 in error. Having said that, for digital stores on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC to all be stating the same info, it suggests that multiplayer for Devil May Cry 5 could well be legitimate. How will it work? That's another question.

Hopefully that will be answered if/when Capcom officially announces multiplayer for DMC 5 in the near future. Devil May Cry 5 releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 8th March 2019.

  • Trophy unlocked: Sexual Denial Break your partner's SS combo
  • Dibs on Dante.
  • horible tacked on mp trophies incoming
  • I wouldn't actually be too upset to see a ultra version of the bloody palace that could be fine with a couple of friends. That could be chaotic and pretty cool with the right people. Apart from that though, Capcom have stated that they are concentrating on a 'full singleplayer experience' and that they haven't announced a multiplayer, so I guess we will see.
  • yea bloody palace is the only place for multiplayer to be somewhat acceptable even though im gonna hate it if they add ranking/level progression for online
  • Put in Trish Lady and Vergil you will have one hell of a game
  • The addition of MP and Pay-to-Win Microtransactions, make this game a no buy for me :(.
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