RIDE 3 Release Delayed Until Later in November, Features 230 Bikes

RIDE 3 Release Delayed Until Later in November, Features 230 Bikes

Richard Walker

Milestone has released a new RIDE 3 trailer today, alongside news that the comprehensive motorcycling game in which you'll be able to ride 230 different motorbikes (presumably not all at the same time), has been pushed until later in November "to allow developers to put the final touches on the game."

Titled 'The Motorcycle Encyclopedia', the new RIDE 3 trailer showcases the various categories of bike that will feature in the game, leafing through the pages of a virtual motorcycle magazine. These include Vintage, Naked & Heritage bikes, 2 strokes, the adrenaline-fuelled Supermotard, Sportbikes, and new category Maxienduro.

An ode to bike culture, RIDE 3 promises "photorealistic panoramas", improved handling, a revamped Career mode, more "extreme" customisation options with more than 500 parts, and a new Livery Editor. RIDE 3 will now launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 30th November. Check out the new trailer below.

  • Wowza trays intense especially if they dont do the gt5 way and just tweak it barley
  • It was coming out on my birthday, this is annoying.
  • Hmmm a yearly release? Is this the new Need For Speed? People are eventually going to get tired of the rehashed content. There's just so much you can do... Having said that I do plan to Play Ride 1 and 2 soon. Heard/read that they're very easy games to 100%.
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