Sci-Fi RPG 'Hellpoint' is Sort of Dead Space Meets Dark Souls

Dean Abdou

TinyBuild has announced that it will be publishing the sci-fi action RPG 'Hellpoint' for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC in 2019.

In Hellpoint players will embark on a journey aboard a derelict space station and are tasked with finding out what led to an occult quantum catastrophe. Basically, if you've ever watched Event Horizon starring Sam Neill then you've pretty got an idea about where this game is going. Well, kind of. If you haven't watched it then just think Dead Space, which is basically the game equivalent of Event Horizon. But for real you should watch Event Horizon.

The game will feature all sorts for players to explore such as the Quantic system based on the station which creates a variety of dynamic events which adds a new depth to the story. The game will also feature an online mode so that you can either play with or against other players.

You can check out the announcement trailer below for Hellpoint which will be heading to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC sometime in 2019.

  • I'll actually forget about this game.
  • Dead Space and Dark Souls. You have my attention.
  • Sounds good and bad at the same time. Just don’t want another Agony on my hands, so will not get too excited about any new possibly good horror games, except Cthulhu and Visage...
  • trailer feels more like Rengoku from PSP
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