Check Out Darksiders III's Envy Boss Fight in Full - Video

Check Out Darksiders III's Envy Boss Fight in Full - Video

Richard Walker

By now, you'll have read our Darksiders III hands-on preview and watched our gameplay walkthrough (if you haven't yet, check it out here), but now we've got even more gameplay for you, with out all of the annoying chatter from two stupid idiots. Instead, it's just the footage, raw, and uncut.

So, what have you got here? Just over six minutes of a boss battle, in which Fury faces off against the bird-like Envy in a location called Haven. Wielding a big old bat thing, Envy has an arsenal of swooshy swiping moves, designed to sweeup Fury off her feet.

Although Envy is able to divebomb and ground pound, Fury has plenty of her own tricks, cartwheeling out of danger like a flame-haired Bayonetta, wielding her whip like a hyped-up Ivy from SoulCalibur. Darksiders III is heading to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 27th November. Check out Fury versus Envy in the gameplay below.

  • Was hoping it's more RPG like Darksiders 2 but actually getting a third game is lucky enough so i'm not gonna complain.
  • They seem to be showing like all of the game in preview material. Are they not confident in the game?
  • I know Envy is a raven but I couldn't help but think of the Skesis from The Dark Crystal
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