Jurassic World: Evolution Gameplay Preview: 13 Minutes of Genetic Tinkering, Dinosaurs and Generally Playing God

Jurassic World: Evolution Gameplay Preview: 13 Minutes of Genetic Tinkering, Dinosaurs and Generally Playing God

Richard Walker

Did you like Zoo Tycoon? Then you're probably going to eat up Jurassic World: Evolution like a ravenous Velociraptor. Frontier's return to the park building and management simulator type thing in which it's spared no expense, Evolution is a beast of a game. Based on the three or so hours we've played, creating a dinosaur theme park worthy of John Hammond himself is enormously deep and involving, exactly as it should be. Clever girl.

You start Jurassic World: Evolution on the least inhospitable of a group of islands known as Las Cincos Muertes (the Five Deaths), Isla Matanceros, where you're tasked with orchestrating your very own Jurassic World from the ground up. You're given a power station, a fossil centre and research building to set you on your way, then it's down to you and your own park-building nous. Watch our video preview for a closer look:

There are three different legs of the park to keep onside too – Science, Entertainment, and Security - though you may decide to favour one over the others, and each have their own unique set of objectives to tackle. These can include anything from raising the amount of cash the park generates with each passing minute, to improving the facility's rating by building new amenities, or sending out expeditions to collect fossil samples.

Of course, fossils are your bread and butter, and the only way that life will, uh, find a way in your park. The fossils your expeditions return unlock new species of dinosaur to introduce to paying punters, providing they're of a high enough quality to yield a viable genome. Fossils can be sold for cold, hard cash, or you can take the samples, incubate a dino species in your Hammond Creation Centre (the first building you're instructed to plonk down in your shiny new park), modify its genetic code to improve its resilience or change its colour, and then watch as it's released into the enclosure. Behold, the miracle of genetically engineered life.

Whether you're choosing to pursue Science over Entertainment or Security, or vice-versa, money talks, and it's the only way you're able to fund further expeditions to research and develop new dino species, expand the park and keep your guests happy with various attractions and such. Gift shops and burger stands are every bit as vital as an emergency shelter for guests to run to screaming when the T-Rex chews through its fence and breaks free. Sort of.

You'll need a ranger station to maintain your park too, cure diseased dinos, tranquillise and capture the escape ones, replenish food supplies and take photographs to generate a quick cash injection. And as your influx of guests skyrockets, you'll have a plethora of additional factors to take into consideration, be it protection from tropical storms or from marauding escapees. Believe it or not, members of the public being devoured by your main attraction isn't particularly good publicity and pretty bad for business. Strange, that.

Wonderfully intuitive on a console controller, Jurassic World: Evolution seems certain to appeal to fans of the movies and management sims alike, possessing all of the requisite elements that you'd expect, with a set of constantly changing goals and parameters. Keeping your dinosaurs and guests happy won't be easy, but we're betting you'll have a fine time trying all the same. Hold on to your butts...

Jurassic World: Evolution is out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 12th June with a retail release set to follow on 3rd July.

  • I havent played a game like this in a very long time. Ive only seen a little of this so far, but it caught my eye. Looking forward to some reviews.
  • I am in the same boat as Mikey. I am excited to see more about it and can't wait to hear from gamers on what they think of it.
  • I am really hyped of this game.
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