PSA: Demon's Souls' Servers Shut Down For Good Tomorrow

PSA: Demon's Souls' Servers Shut Down For Good Tomorrow

Richard Walker

Following news back in November 2017 that Demon's Souls servers will be shutting down for good, tomorrow the time will come for the online portion of the first Souls' game to expire.

As such, you might want to jump online now and enjoy one last co-op adventure, invade someone else's game or enjoy challenge play in Demon's Souls on PlayStation 3 before 28th february rolls around. Hint messages, other players' bloodstains, wandering apparitions and the option to view rankings will also be nixed after that date.

Of course, you'll still be able to roam Boletaria and die repeatedly offline, so it's not all bad news. It's also worth noting that you can still platinum Demon's Souls without having to play the game's online component. "Thank you to all players who have enjoyed Demon’s Souls over the years," Bandai Namco stated.

Farewell to Demon's Souls' online bit, then. After more than nine years, it's had a pretty good run.

  • If ever a game needed remastering, it should have been this and not Dark Souls.
  • I tried playing this after it came out and didn't like it at all. I know there are many who do, but I guess that I didn't have the patience. After 4 hours and not being able to make it to the end of the first level I gave up.
  • This is unfortunate. Glad I got to play it when the online was up and not threatened by services ending.
  • Always liked this one but the later Souls games couldn't really catch my interest.
  • Nine years? Wait what? But it just came out. What the? What
  • I thought the online servers were already shut down hence why I didn't bother pushing to try and complete it, kinda feel a bit gutted now lol nevermind it was brutal af anyway
  • Farewell.
  • The servers were going to shut down a long time ago, but Sony made a deal & added it to PS+, so the Servers stayed up until now. I really don't know why it had to have it's own servers. It's not like it has a demanding MP load. It could of easily been done on Sony's Servers & we would never hear of the servers going down until PS3 support ends.
  • Goodbye Demon's, you were my first and I'll always remember you the way I should, in horror and frustration. But man, it was great knowing you.
  • At least the plat is still 100 percent achievable. I'm going to miss all the ghosts and bloodstains though.
  • More than nine years? It hasn't even been nine years yet, not for anywhere outside of Japan anyways. Everyone's suddenly forgotten how to count. Atlus thought they released it in 2010 according to the message posted when you logged in. Too funny. Anyways, Rip! It's been a slice!
  • Boletaria is going to feel more empty and desolate than ever now without the bloodstains and messages.
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