Sony Launches My PlayStation PSN Profile Browser

Sony Launches 'My PlayStation' PSN Profile Browser

Richard Walker

Sony has launched a new browser-based method for viewing your PSN profile called 'My PlayStation'. Available to use on your desktop computer, tablet or smart-enabled device, My PlayStation enables you to view your trophies, messages, friends and more.

You can also use My PlayStation to send or accept friend requests, compose and send messages, edit your PSN profile, tinker with your privacy settings, and view your friends' trophy collections as well as your own.

Much of this you can already do via the PlayStation app, of course, but this is a neat and convenient alternative if you'd rather not have to download said app. Account management functionality is also set to come to My PlayStation in the near future too.

You can log in to My PlayStation and try it for yourself here.

  • Very bare bones. I can't wait for the DLC
  • Very useful since I spend more time on my pc lately editing and messaging here sure can beat the app. I'd like to view other statistic which Sony has in the weekly emails such as how many hows have been played.
  • So, a number of features that should have been available a long time ago? Alright. Doubt any dedicated trophy hunter will abandon current tracking sites for this. Also, that promotional image having a real life picture of the user, their name and "about" as the first thing to pop-up makes me cringe. Games before the social aspect, Sony. That's why you're winning the current gen, so focus more on that part of your product when advertising and developing more features.
  • Why do we need this again?
  • Isn't this just the Playstation app? It's been available for a while.
  • @5 I think the big difference with being browser based is that it saves space on the phone. Sony separated the messenger part from the Playstation app. Though I don't think the phone will make a tone when you get a message if you just use the browser. Would be nice if they included features other sites have like all-time rarest trophies one has, or those of friends.
  • Would be nice if we could get some sorting options for Trophies.
  • Dear Sony, how about a feature to send a message without creating a group and adding the recipient to it? Why can some random guy add me to a group? Ever heard of privacy? Also: just drop the two mobile apps completely, they're disgusting and so bad. Hire some _good_ app developers, UX experts and make one app from scratch. This would also benefit your mobile phone division, your smartphone applications just suck. Don't let hardware and systems developers create your mobile apps. This site is a step in the right direction though
  • At first I got real excited cuz I figured they'd make an easy way to go through your purchase history, but alas I was mistaken. *Sigh* Here's to dreaming....
  • I'm not really sure what here is actually new other than the URL. Most of this, from what I can recall, has been possible for over a year now. I've been using to message people for a while now. It's pretty fantastic. Like an online chat.
  • Finally can message people on Playstation from browser.
  • It is useful for quickly searching through trophy lists, especially if you've played a ton of games and are trying to find stuff within the list for some reason. But how about we get added features to PSN itself like a wishlist in the store when using the console, a much better way to organize games on the PS4 bar beyond just folders(I still prefer the old method in which they were listed vertically in the crossbar), various methods to customize our UI within the PS4 based on what what rather see and how much of it, etc etc etc. The customization options have been severely lacking both within the PS Store and especially the UI pretty much since launch and what changed we have gotten have taken forever.
  • @5 Pretty much, except the idiots @ playstation split the playstation app up where you have to download the Playstation messages app separately , in order to do the messages. Plus since they spit the app in to 2, is has gotten worse & worse. I don't get messages, half of the time & then there are times when I receive messages hours after they are sent. All this does is avoids having have the apps on your device. Why come out with this, instead of FIXING THE ISSUES WITH YOUR CURRENT APPS!!
  • I really wish PSN would get their act together on trophy tracking, we shouldn't have to rely on 3rd party tracking sites to see leaderboards and such
  • Liked it.
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