In Monster Hunter: World "Every Monster is Different" Says Producer - Video Interview

In Monster Hunter: World "Every Monster is Different" Says Producer - Video Interview

Richard Walker

Today marks Monster Hunter: World being one week away from launch, and what is arguably the biggest, most high-profile release for the series to date, especially in the west. A huge phenomenon in Japan, Monster Hunter hasn't really made the same kind of impact on western shores as yet, but Capcom will be hoping that all changes with World.

During a recent event in London, we had the chance to sit down and talk with Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto about what newcomers to the series should take into consideration before venturing into Monster Hunter: World and braving the colossal beasts that await, as well as influences and inspirations that include Game Director Yuya Tokuda's expansive lizard collection.

There's insights into the creative process that comes with building a monster too, as well as what goes into making the game's diverse environments. Check out our brief chat with Tsujimoto-san below to find out more, then check out our gameplay video here, if you haven't already. Monster Hunter: World launches for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 26th January.

  • It isn't arguably the biggest release for the series, it is outright, objectively, the biggest release.
  • @1 - Absolutely! :D Also, you might want to adjust that part at the end of the article that says "Monster Hunter: World launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 26th January." Specifically, the "PC" bit.
  • Why can't I find the beta online in the US store?
  • Every monster is different!!? too bad there is only a handful it seems...
  • I didn't really enjoy the beta. I've never played a Monster Hunter game so I don't know if there are time limits in the other games or not but I absolutely hate time limits in games. Especially when the controls are "kinda" clunky and you move so slow. Only reason why I'm keeping my pre-order is to support the game here in the Western hemisphere so they will continue bringing them out on the big boy consoles.
  • @5 The Beta has rather low time limit, while the full release will usually have 50 minutes. That´s planty of time for the Hunt and some side activities. Since it´s your first MH you will need some time to get into the game. That can take up to 50 hours. But you will see yourself become a better and better Hunter, so just keep it up.
  • Never played MH before. Tried the beta and felt utterly lost and bewildered but the scope of the world and the challenge on offer absolutely pulled me in. I'm so excited for this game
  • If any of you newbies need any help getting into the series, feel free to add me on PSN and I'll be happy to co-op with ya. PSN is Round_Dice.
  • Honestly I only know the basics of this game but it makes me a little nervous that he uses a similar tag line they used for No Mans Sky. Everything in that was supposed to be unique as well and look how that turned out.
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