Far Cry 5 Gameplay: Bull's Balls, Fraught Flying, Crazed Zealots and Cultist Chaos

Far Cry 5 Gameplay: Bull's Balls, Fraught Flying, Crazed Zealots and Cultist Chaos

Richard Walker

Far Cry has carved itself out a reputation as a unique type of open-world game, one where complete chaos can break out at any moment. One second you might be in a gunfight with an enemy, the next, you'll be savaged by wolves and left for dead. It's the sort of emergent gameplay that's made the series so consistently enjoyable. Well, that and the off-the-wall diversions into trippy territory.

In this regard, Far Cry 5 continues the series' grand traditions, albeit with an altogether different theme, taking the action from the far-flung regions of Africa and Asia to the perhaps more familiar climes of North America, in the fictional Hope County, Montana. Here, a crazed cult of religious zealots has forged a stranglehold on the region, prompting a resistance to emerge and fight against their terrifying reign. You'll come to rely on key fighters like Mary May, Pastor Jerome and the tenacious Casey Fixman, as you butt heads with Eden's Gate, taking the cult down by any means necessary.

You play as a rookie deputy sheriff, tasked with inspiring and leading the burgeoning resistance, which means taking up arms against the Eden's Gate cult and the Seed family, headed up by brothers John and Joseph. With Eden's Gate well-funded and tooled up to their eyeballs, you'll need all the help you can get in taking them on, which is why you can now employ Guns for Hire and even enlist faithful attack dog Boomer, or 'Fangs for Hire', if you prefer.

Enlist a Friend for Hire, and you can play together co-operatively too, the second player keeping all of the items they earn, if not their progression. But you can soar through the skies in a propeller plane together, liberate Eden's Gate outposts together and generally wreak havoc together. And if your deeds inspire enough people, they can even sometimes take matters into their own hands and make things happen, clearing outposts for you or removing Eden's Gate roadblocks. The world reacts to your actions, making Far Cry 5's world feel more organic than its predecessors.

You can find out much more in our gameplay video above, in which we race through Hope County's fields in a muscle car, go on a mission to save the small town of Fall's End's prestigious Testicle Festival by extracting bull's balls, and strive to make an impact against the oppressive yoke of the Seed family by stealing a plane, bombing their airfield and setting one of their compounds on fire. And there's more where that came from too.

Far Cry 5 is out on 27th March for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

  • Stay until the end to see him casually gored to death. Love it!
  • my god who are these 2 morons, every video has them. 1 terrible at games the other talkes about games other than what playing.
  • If you wind up will bulls balls on your chin, you've got serious issues.
  • A mi me parece una poronga el juego.
  • This is already on my list going love this game.
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