A Free Trial of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus' First Level is Now Available

A Free Trial of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus' First Level is Now Available

Richard Walker

Bethesda has gone live with a free trial of Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus today, enabling you to sample the entire first level of the game, if you've yet to give MachineGames' Nazi blasting sequel a run for its money. Spoiler alert if you haven't: it's really bloody good.

Picking up with BJ Blazkowicz where the first game left off, The New Colossus sees the Nazi stranglehold expanding to US soil, and it's up to Blazko and the resistance to boot the Nazis out by any means necessary. You'll head to Roswell, New Mexico, quanrantined New Orleans, and post-nuclear Manhattan, as you take the fight to the Nazis.

The Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus free trial is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, and if you decide to upgrade to the full version of the game - currently available at $29.99/£24.99 for PS Plus members - you can carry across your save data and progress.

  • Small a demographic though we may be, I think Bethesda shot themselves in the foot with us trophy hunters considering they put that Mein Lieben trophy in the game. I wonder how many more units they would have sold had they not made that trophy next to impossible? I know it stopped me from picking it up. Too much else out there to play rather than hassle with that ridiculous B.S.
  • Lol @ "free trial" You mean a demo? Those used to be called demos.
  • @1: Even if Mein Liben hadn't been included, I still wouldn't have picked this up as there are at least 3 buggy trophies (according to the PSNP Guide) and several of my friends have reported stability and other game breaking glitches that killed their enthusiasm for playing it :(.
  • @#2 A demo wouldn't let you continue your game where you left off, so trial sounds more like it actually...
  • Has the head sway from the original game been sorted out? I couldn't play for more than 15 minutes without feeling sick, Dishonored 2 had the same issue but at least they had a slider to turn it off completely.
  • @1 Can't you just.. when upon finishing a chapter, save the game to a USB, so when you die you can just copy the file over to the main game and try again from there. I did this on Until Dawn Rush of Blood psychotic difficulty, and the hardest trophy on COD WW2. I don't have the game but could be possible? :)
  • @6 No because there is no save. If you die the game resets. You turn the game off it resets. You do anything to close app or the game crashes the game resets. Mein Leben has no auto save system save checkpoint save manual save or even a damn data save. It is entirely lost if anything happens and there is no way to back it up. You need to go from start to finish on a difficulty where you die in 2-3 hits. Avoid crashes freezing or anything that can disrupt the game in a single life period.
  • dude I love when companies do stuff like this, this is the perfect way to bait consumers to get into your game. they did this with DISHONORED 2, and even though I didn't buy the digital copy at that time, it made me interested in the story, and the characters. PERFECT PR!!!! and I heard stuff about the MEIN LEIBEN trophy out there. I know that these things push people to their limits, but I honestly will just live with the fact that I may not get the platinum on this game, and hey im fine with that, just to play the game and say I at least tried to enjoy the experience is enough for me at this point in my life...
  • @7 well that sucks ass, I hate those trophies. Reminds me of Max Payne 3 hardest difficulty. New York Minute Hardcore was the name.
  • @7 I agree fully with you there, but considering that alot guys here are just that "Trophy hunters" so for them not been able to get a platinium trophy on a game really sucks for them. As for myself i,m an older gamer, when i started gaming around the mid 80,s there where no trophies or achievements ect. So playing a game was just as much fun, and you might got a special costume or something for finish the game. I sometimes feel trophies and achievements def changed alot of gamers life, and some take it way to serious or to a level it takes over their lives. I got just 17 or 10 platinium trophies and i,m fine not finish each single game with a platinium, as long i enjoy the game its fine by me.
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