Saints Row's Kinzie Joins Agents of Mayhem as 'Agent Safeword'

Saints Row's Kinzie Joins Agents of Mayhem as 'Agent Safeword'

Richard Walker

Kinzie Kensington, the tech genius and expert hacker from the Saints Row series, is now available for Agents of Mayhem as 'Agent Safeword'. Equipped with cutting-edge gadgetry and weapons, Kinzie has a licence to destroy anyoen who gets in her way as an agent of MAYHEM.

"If you can build it, she can hack it. Agent Safeword has little patience for stupidity, and even less for LEGION. It doesn’t matter if you assemble an army of cybersecurity experts; the woman’s a walking infrastructure threat, and nothing from your email password to your doomsday weapon is safe," reads Kinzie's character description.

You can take the fight to LEGION as Agent Safeword with the aptly-named Safeword Agent Pack available to download for Agents of Mayhem on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, priced $4.99/£3.99. Check her out in the trailer below.

  • You know this is the biggest disappointment with the game for me. It has it's pros and cons but for a game based on Saints Row they want to nickel and dime the cross over characters -_-
  • Why is there dlc for this game? It was 20 of fun
  • Is this part of some sort of season pass scheme for which they are obliged to pump out content? The game flopped massively (49 CCU on Steam atm)and releasesd to mediocre critical and popular reception. It's best Deep Silver and Volition forget about it and move on.
  • Whhhyyyyyyyyyy?????
  • I'm a massive SR fan so I bought this one as well as having the FREE Gat character. Completed all agents to level 40 as well. I thought it was a fin game. Love the pop-culture references of the skins/costumes... We have a Bishop/Cable X-men reference... Magnum PI for Gat and Kim Possible for McKenzie... I think what kinda killed the game was the unnecessary grind to level up 12 agents. Probably 6 would have been fine, but 12 was a chore.
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