Wolfenstein II is Solely Focused on Being a Really Good Single-player Game

Wolfenstein II is Solely Focused on Being a Really Good Single-player Game

Dean Abdou

MachineGames' Tommy Bjork said in a recent report on GamesIndustry that adding multiplayer to Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus would take away from the games single-player story.

"The only way we can create these super immersive narrative experiences is if we can solely focus on the single-player. Having a multiplayer component in this work process would just dilute it all."

The recent shut down of Visceral Games reignited the argument about whether single-player games were coming to an end causing various debates among people on the web. This recent comment from Bjork on the decision to not include multiplayer with the upcoming Wolfenstein game will likely be a sigh of relief to many who were worried about the future of single-player games.

Bjork goes on to say, "That's the danger if you try to do two things at once… It's a fictional setting, of course, and it's a crazy story, but we tried to stay honest and tell it as honestly as we can. That's our goal… We're definitely pushing the limits, but at the same time continuing what makes Wolfenstein really special: the drama, the human relationships, with dark humour and violence."

It looks as though MachineGames is putting all its focus into telling a good story in Wolfenstein II's campaign and won't be looking towards multiplayer anytime soon.

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 27th October. You can check out the latest launch trailer below.

  • The "Mein Liben" trophy can kiss my ass, as I don't have the time or the patience for playthroughs you have to do in 1 sitting without dying and without being able to save.
  • ROFL keep kicking that dumb EA's "single player is dead" doll. Muahaha
  • Even though I would only probably do one play through on an easier difficulty, I would consider purchasing to help support the studio to prove EA wrong.
  • @2 Exactly. EA's comment on the closing of Visceral worries me about the future of games that single player games will eventually die out. Now there are games that are better off being multiplayer but not every game has to be multiplayer. In EA's case, the corporate aspect of that company are beginning to believe in making more money by having every game multiplayer with microtransactions and whatnot. It doesn't help that Mass Effect Andromeda didn't do too well and that Bioware is looking to make a Destiny type game. I'm worried about Dragon Age at this point.
  • Can't wait to play it on saturday. I downloaded south park day 1 on my ps4 but I didn't start it cause I knew I wasn't gonna finish it by the time wolfenstein came out. I will play it on saturday and I will plat it. So excited for this.
  • @1: same here. Game went from "Day 1 purchase" to "never playing" due to Mein Leben. They had that difficulty in TOB but were smart enough to not tie a trophy to it.
  • I will play this down the road for sure, but it was delayed for me indefinetly beacuse of Mein Leben for sure. Too bad really. Modes like that are no fun in my opinion. Even something like DS2 three save mode would have been 100x better.
  • Companies need to stop with this type of trophies like Mein Leben and/or playing through a game 2+ times. Get creative and make some damn good trophies, list are just getting dumbbed down and stupidly time consuming to bother with.
  • Finally a gamestudio that steps up and says not every damn game needs a multiplayer part to be great! Hats off to Machine Games and Bethesda Software!
  • @8 I'm pretty sure they did step it up by making this into a trophie this time around. What could be better then beating a game you really enjoy on the hardest game mode? One life, no saves, beat the game. Sorry if some of you can't handle it, but for the people who can, we will have fun. Not every one deserves the trophie unless you earn it.
  • @10 Why is it always the gamers with less than 90% completion who talk about "deserving trophies" and "you can't handle it"? Getting a couple rare achievements in Ark and Sonic doesn't make you an expert on what's difficult.
  • Game makes trophies worthwhile, not the other way around. I don't even play for trophies, no time or need anymore (used to whore GS on Xbox side for very many years, really bad addiction IMO). Glad I don't have problems like you guys, because I would hate to miss out on great game just because there is one trophy I may not like....
  • @10 - LMAO! I play things like Dark Souls, Nioh, Bloodborne and the sorts, I know hard and grueling dude. I play every game on the hard difficulties from the gate if I can. The issue is companies are making trophies cheap and games hard by saying beat "Extreme" mode, when all they do is increase the HP pool and DMG output drastically on enemies. I don't want easy, I want creative and unique trophies. I only trophy hunt games I really enjoy, hence #12's post, spot on Vinny! Games make trohpy's worthwhile!
  • #10 - You have 12 platinums..., lol, really? You are a smoke blower!
  • @1 - Am I the only one amused by the guy with 56000 posts on this site saying he doesn't have time for something.
  • @2, the comment made by EA saying "Single player is dead.", was made by moron Peter Moore, who coincidentally, is no longer in the gaming industry, when he was asked why Star Wars Battlefront had no Single Player Campaign. If you notice, the sequel HAS one.
  • @15 - A little, but then I look at his username and remember that he basically runs half the site.
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