Final Update Released for Battleborn, Servers to Stay Live for the "Foreseeable Future"

Final Update Released for Battleborn, Servers to Stay Live for the "Foreseeable Future"

Dean Abdou

Gearbox has released the final update for Battleborn which adds new skins, taunts, titles and finishers along with some tweaks to the balance of the gameplay and bug fixes too.

The autumn update will be the last patch for Battleborn as Gearbox will now be moving to work on its next game. The developers have stated that although this is the final update the servers will remain up and active "for the foreseeable future".

One of the notable things in the patch notes is that the devs have slightly adjusted the characters' damage growth formulas in the game stating that "this should eliminate some esoteric power dynamics as players level and allow augments and mutations to be the source of power spikes as well as early/mid/late-game differences in character strength."

The autumn update for Battleborn is now available to download on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. You can read the patch notes for the latest update here.

  • Slightly over a year since release and they've tagged it dead... I feel sorry for whoever payed for this game. I guess you'll think twice next time you decide to buy Gearbox's product :)
  • Still a better game than Overwatch.
  • @2: Amen to that. I love Battleborn but the release date clash and the subsequent behind the scenes panicking about its future when it became clear it was being crushed in the charts, really hurt its prospects :(. I'd buy BB2 in a heartbeat but they need to come up with a better matchmaking system, because the current method is dumb as hell and just slows things down. Something else they really need to work on, is getting Hot Fixes and patches out more quickly and to target the balance issues with carefully thought out changes instead of the scattershot approach they've used to-date. Don't get me wrong, I love Battleborn to death and have nearly 400hrs clocked up since launch but a series of unfortunate events and some questionable early decisions have really hurt its future prospects :(.
  • @3 I don't really think that it has any future prospects. I recently saw it advertised for dirt cheap new, less than most used games. I doubt it will see any future releases.
  • I wanted to enjoy this game but the graphics killed it. It's like they took Borderlands and just removed all clarity so it became a mishmash of colors and jagged edges. I got actual migraines playing this game. Which sucks because the gameplay was actually great in competitive multiplayer. As for future prospects, this game is literally sold at my local dollar store for 8 bucks. A dollar store. I went in to grab some dog food, saw it and went, "Jesus Christ".
  • Better then overwatch? Maybe.. So far tho Overwatch is an amazing game with a ton of well done characters. Game play is rich and has something every one could enjoy. Shame that Battle Born is already getting a grave but at lest you can all come play Over Watch, it wont be dying any time soon.
  • So the game is actually 1 year old and it's live cycle is going to an end? Not so good.
  • I saw this game on sale at a "5 Below" for only $5.00... I figured if it was going for that low it can't be good at all. But, since seeing some of the glowing comments here about how much people like it, I may go back and pick it up. How can I go wrong for $5.00
  • I like Battleborn more then overwatch but that's just me,I've had a lot of fun playing Battleborn and hope they don't abandon the IP.
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