Deep Silver Unhappy With Agents of Mayhem, Volition Lay Off Over 30 People

Deep Silver Unhappy With Agents of Mayhem, Volition Lay Off Over 30 People

Dean Abdou

Kotaku has reported that Saints Row devs, Volition has laid off over 30 people including Dan Cermak, the general manager of the studio.

According to Kotaku's sources, Deep Silver was unhappy with the sales figures from Agents of Mayhem which may have been the reason that around 15% of the studio's employees were laid off.

Agents of Mayhem is set in the Saints Row Universe but unfortunately, it didn't quite have the same gravitas as the Saints Row games. These recent layoffs may lead Volition to return to the main Saints Row series which I'm sure is what many fans would rejoice to see.

There's been no official word from Deep Silver in regards to these layoffs but this now marks the second gaming studio in the span of a week to lay off its staff with the first being the studio behind the popular game Everybody's Gone To The Rapture.

You can check out our review of Agents of Mayhem here.

  • Volition went downhill fast after Saints Row 2/Red Faction Guerilla, sadly. Still, a shame to see their developers get laid off. Best of luck to them
  • Unfortunately I seen this coming.. I haven't read much excitement for the game.
  • Sadly this game came and went, it really sucks when people loose jobs though.
  • I platinumed the game and they did some things right but some things wrong. About half the characters were overpowered and fun to use, but the other half were stiff and weak. Having 15 difficulties to tailor to your team composition was a great idea, but with no great rewards for playing those higher difficulties, it was easier to steamroll through the whole game on difficulty 7. The city was the perfect size--big enough to feel like a city, small enough that areas were recognizable--but it didn't feel alive and pedestrian/vehicle traffic was sparse and mechanical. It tried to be over-the-top but was sophomoric and never funny. I'm not surprised they're abandoning the franchise.
  • Deep Silver is a cancer on the game industry.
  • It was too much. They should have stopped after the first game where super powers were introduced. It was a fun niche for a game at the time but it's overplayed now. It's the same formula we've seen from assassin's creed games, all the same yearly release and nobody cares.
  • Free for PS+ next year?
  • This makes me really sad. They had something cool here. Sure, the game wasn't perfect, it was pretty glitchy and the open world was limited in scope and content (It reminds me of Infamous), but it felt good to play. I've spent like 40 hours on it already going for the Platinum. It was definitely one of my biggest surprises this year, having no expectations to really enjoying it.
  • All I read on this game has been focused on the hateful cast of characters and the terrible misjudged tone that skipped bad taste and went straight to cruel and offensive, one review I read said its 'humour' is deeply insulting to not just gamers but anyone with a functioning brain. Ouch. Volition hasn't put out a decent game since Saints 2, I think I might pass on this one.
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