Everybody's Gone To The Rapture Dev Lays Off Staff and is Going Dark for a Few Months

Everybody's Gone To The Rapture Dev Lays Off Staff and is Going Dark for a Few Months

Dean Abdou

The Chinese Room, the studio behind Everybody's Gone To The Rapture, announced today that it has laid off its staff and that it is going dark for the next few months.

Dan Pinchbeck, studio director and co-founder, wrote in a blog post the reasons behind why they had to let the staff and go dark for a few months.

"To cut a long story short, the situation – between financial pressures, trying to keep the lights on for the employed team, the stress of end-of-development, health issues – just wasn’t a tenable thing anymore. It was time to take a break, recharge, recover and have a good think about the future." Pinchbeck said.

Pinchbeck also clarifies that The Chinese Room isn't closing down but rather just hitting pause. "We’re taking time to figure that out; how we get to be creatives, not managing directors. That’s a whole other job and skill set and lots of people do it really well and love doing it."

Although it's sad to hear that the staff of The Chinese Room have been let go at least we can take away some hope that the studio will one day return to bring another game. If you'd like to find out more you can check out Dan Pinchbeck's blog post here.

  • Sad that people need to go. I hope they get out of this situation soon. Would love to see a new game in the EGTTR universe.
  • No way :( I loved Everybody's Gone To The Rapture, was kind of hoping for something on that style coming out again from them. Let's hope they can work something out for the future.
  • Everybody's Gone To The Rapture, is one of the worst games I have ever played and couldn't delete it fast enough. The only good things about Everybody's Gone To The Rapture, are the music and graphics as the actual gameplay is mind numbingly boring and the story has more holes in it than Swiss cheese.
  • What else had they made because that game sucks...should stick to indies. May actually make more money that way.
  • Terminator, I don't know why they are negativing your comments. As a game, EGTTR is very bad, but could be a decent experience, if it wasn't called a game. Everything is lacking in it & charge $20 for something that should of launched @ $10, at the most. They have done absolutely nothing other than this, so announcing this is nothing more than trying to get some attention. It might mean more if they had actually done more than make a boring walking simulator.
  • Did the Chinese Room do Machine for Pigs?
  • @6: No, that was another company. The Chinese Room only have 3 games to their name i.e. Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, Dear Ester and Dear Ester: Landmark Edition.
  • Bye scrub ass developers
  • Worst games ever. Watching paint dry is much more fun than any of those games
  • @5: Yeah. EGTTR has an interesting plot, but it's interactivity is so lacking that it would have been better suited as a short CG film, or reworking it's player engagement.
  • ha.. I waited until it was free on PS plus played it and honestly I really didn't mind it all.. there were subtle hints in the game such as signs that said "SLOW" and the pacing which was slow. It basically was telling, at least how I got it, "ENJOY LIFE SLOW DOWN LOOK AT THE THINGS AROUND YOU AND THE PEOPLE IN YOUR LIVES". It was sad that most gamers didn't get this message, or they were mad that they couldn't speed run the game and rush through it. I tend to be more cerebral, and I don't really enjoy mindless games of just running and gunning and shooting things up and exploding this or that. We have waay too much of that in the REAL WORLD. Honestly, the game or interactive non game or what ever it was pretty decent overall. I got a strong message from it, mortality, life and death, human relationships, people judging people and not even knowing them, racism. all of that.. What? you mean YOU DIDNT get those messages from the game? oh NOW I understand why you didn't like it.......
  • I wish there was FREE ROAM option after you finish the game. When I was playing this I would pick a good beauty spot and up the volume a bit... then fall asleep feeling as light as a feather. LOL
  • @11: There's a big difference between taking things easy and making people walk at a speed that's so low a Tortoise could outrun you. I'm all for trying something different but the glacial walking speed, fragmented story and awful save system just killed any interest I had in this.
  • @7 the chinese room did make a machine for pigs.
  • @14: Did they? I looked on GameFAQs.com and that game isn't listed in their production credits, in fact the game's not listed on that site at all.
  • @14: EDIT: You are indeed correct, I've just looked again and "Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs" has appeared. I think the reason why it doesn't show up in their on-site credits (and why I got it wrong), is because GameFAQs messed up and didn't list them as the developer.
  • Hate seeing people lose their jobs. TCR's games may be flawed and a little too self-satisfied but at least they're doing something else. The business needs people like these guys and their mellow, atmospheric touch now more than ever. Hope they can pull through and go on to make something truly special.
  • Yep, let's just ignore the really good story and fantastic atmosphere.
  • its a shame people will get laid off but we are talking about a studio that cant even keep up with deadlines they set themselves and they go off complaining and blaming the publisher.
  • #@8/9: Your lack of empathy for people's livelihoods clearly shows that this game was not meant for you, but your point's been made abundantly clear.
  • @20 Did you expect empathy from someone whose screen name is "darth vapor"? I can't even say his name without laughing!
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