Agents of Mayhem Gameplay: 14 Minutes of 80s Saturday Morning Cartoon-Inspired Chaos

Agents of Mayhem Gameplay: 14 Minutes of 80s Saturday Morning Cartoon-Inspired Chaos

Richard Walker

Agents of Mayhem wears its 80s Saturday morning cartoon inspirations on its sleeve, from the animated cut-scenes to the alternate skins available for certain characters, cherry-picked from the decade's most iconic TV shows. Of course, this being a Saints Row spin-off, it also shares a lot of DNA with its grandaddy.

In our gameplay video below, you'll see fleur-de-lys icons and purple all over the place, but the Saints Row stuff is only skin deep. Agents of Mayhem is only partially open-world, with driving, buildings to scale using your triple jump and various objectives to complete across the city of Seoul in South Korea: it's a different game.

We already touched on this in our interview with developer Volition, but in the gameplay below, we run you through the basics from MAYHEM's hub, The Ark, to upgrading your characters, weaponry and more. If you're after a primer for Agents of Mayhem ahead of its release this August, you've come to the right place. Watch it!

  • Buying the Amazon edition with the extra skins; I won't use playable pre-order characters like Gat and Lazarus since I'll be leveling the base characters as I go for trophies. Plus it's $12 off for Prime members. I've never used them before for a new release, so fingers crossed it shows up on release day.
  • Huh. Looks like a cross between Saints Row and Borderlands.
  • Looks more like they wanted to copy the art style of Overwatch because it's all the rage these days for kids. Never heard of this Crackdown game.
  • Your game play video is boring as usual lol. I lasted 42 seconds this time. A new record of boredom.way to go guys keep up the good "work"
  • "Switch characters on the fly" = nope. I cannot stand this next generation's need for non-commitment. I play one character and only one character. It never made sense to me why MMORPGs especially have like 8 character slots.
  • I want this to be good, but I don't think it will be...
  • Seriously... What is with Volition's obsession with purple??
  • @7 Purple is pretty cool For the game, i kinda wanted to play it since it's a violation title and i want to believe it will be good, but all shop have it at a high price of 70€ on pre order. No way i pay this much for this game
  • @7 Purple is the best color
  • @4 - Ah, well. You can't please everyone. "Thanks" for your wonderful comment!
  • @4 "I lasted 42 seconds this time." That's what she said!
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