How Agents of Mayhem is a Whole Different Beast to Saints Row - Video Interview

How Agents of Mayhem is a Whole Different Beast to Saints Row - Video Interview

Richard Walker

As a Saints Row spin-off, complete with that specific shade of purple and the fleur de lys logo draped all over it, Agents of Mayhem is inevitably going to be compared to its open-world granddaddy. But as a team-based single-player third-person shooter, it's actually an entirely different prospect.

Inspired by Saturday morning cartoons, 80s TV shows and classic comic books, Agents of Mayhem promises to be a riotous shot of action-packed madness, all explosions, bullets flying and one-liners. There are hidden depths behind the brash exterior, however, which is just one of the things we discuss with Volition in the interview below.

Sitting down to chat about all things Mayhem with Principal Designer Thaddeus Sasser, we talk more about the game's character switching and the strategies it promotes, the light RPG elements under the hood, why there's no co-op mode, how it differs from Saints Row and more.

Agents of Mayhem is out on 15th August in North America and 18th August in Europe.

  • Not sure about this... might be worth a rent.
  • No co op in 2017 for a team based game. Lol OK and some games are going from 6 vs6 to 4 vs 4. What times we live in.
  • @2 It's not "team-based," it's single player, but you can swap out characters on the fly. Although I would have preferred co-op like Saint's Row had, it's not that type of game.
  • @2 Agreed!! When i look on the list of "To be released" games there hardly any real co-op based games. Okay seems Far Cry 5 got a drop in drop out campaign based co-op mode. But for the rest the co-op mode is a rare feature really. Asking what times we live in? Well from my experinces most of the newer generation gamers rather have MP or PVP in their games then co-op. Hence the fact Ghost Recon Wildlands getting PVP based on the fact alot of the gamers wanted PVP in it! Face it sadly thats what times we live in.
  • Not every game needs MP/Coop does not matter if it's 1817 or 2017.
  • I'm with Wolfwood... NOT ALL GAMES have to be in coop to be good... NOT SAYING that this game will be good or not... don't have a clue... just a hunch.
  • I can't tell you about this. We can't talk about that at this time. Compelling.
  • That's all well and good... until they release some sorta co-op mode as paid DLC at a later point in time. Saints Row kinda sucked when played solo, don't really expect this to be any different.
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