Serial Cleaner Cleansing Murder Scenes Now on PS4

Serial Cleaner Cleansing Murder Scenes Now on PS4

Richard Walker

Serial Cleaner, the game in which you essentially play as Mr. Wolf from Pulp Fiction and clean up murder scenes, is now available for PlayStation 4, with 10 bonus levels based upon classic 1970s movies like Taxi Driver, Alien and Enter the Dragon.

Playing as the titular Cleaner, Serial Cleaner is a fast-paced stealth game in which you're tasked with clearing away bodies, mopping up blood and making yourself scarce, lest you draw the unwanted attention of 'The Heat'. The game features 20 "nail-bitingly hard" challenge mode levels with online leaderboards, as well as the main campaign.

Serial Cleaner also utilises real-time data to modify its levels, so if you're playing at daytime, you can use the increased visibility to your advantage. Alternatively, playing at night means you can hide amid the darkness and shadow. Serial Cleaner is available for PS4 now, priced $14.99/£11.99, with 10% off for PS Plus members.

  • Why are hard games a good thing? Is the gaming society still under the 'I like a challenge' mirage? When in your basement playing alone you only play them to show off still? Have some kids and live a real life. Then go back to gme and realize you play for fun not to show off.
  • Whats playing a hard game got to do with showing off? Some people who arent afraid of a challenge likes to play such games. Myself included. Its human nature to find the easiest route through life and pretty much anything in general, life is too short for that. If you never challenge yourself youll never learn anything.
  • @1, I'm going to have to say I don't see your logic that people only play hard games to show off. Some of us legitimately enjoy a challenge and find it fun. Some don't. Neither view is right or wrong, they're just different opinions. And for the record, I have three kids, work 40+ hours a week, and most of the time I get maybe ten gaming hours a week. I still find a challenging game to be a fun experience.
  • If its fun to play I don't care if its challenging or easy. If I'm enjoying it then its money well spent.
  • @1 what is it with people thinking the stereotype of loner in the basement is accurate for gamers? Some of us have families, work and also play games. We like a challenge sometimes. Are you really just posting because you find these games too hard so want to put others down to make yourself feel better?
  • @1 Ignorant fool
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