There's Double XP in Star Wars Battlefront This Weekend

There's Double XP in Star Wars Battlefront This Weekend

Richard Walker

If you've unfinished business in Star Wars Battlefront before the sequel launches this November, then this weekend's double XP event ought to help you level up and unlock a bunch of stuff. Double XP is available all weekend, across all modes and maps.

The Double XP Weekend is live now in Star Wars Battlefront, and runs until 16th July, as tweeted by the official EA Star Wars Twitter account. "Head back into the fight. Double XP is coming to from July 13-16," the tweet reads.

Double XP expires in Star Wars Battlefront at 9:00am UTC on 16th July, so get cracking.

  • I heard rumours that this might be the second to last double exp event before Battlefront 2 comes out. I might jump on to experience the game a little more. I had so much fun with Battlefront and I'm looking forward to Battlefront II.
  • The last trophy I have is for reaching Rank 100 and as much as I've enjoyed the game I'm not sure I care to put in the time needed to get that much XP. Even with double XP I have a long way to go. I've enjoyed the game, but I think I'm done with it.
  • I got it free with my PS+ sub last month haven't cared to Download it to play it why because I know 2 is round the corner and like any DICE fps previous me dies online. Battlefield 4 is much now dead so much so I have to get into a game via quick match as for browsing the severs there isn't any no matter what search criteria I put in.
  • @2 I agree, but it's not just THIS game I struggle to put in time to level up on multiplayer in most games now I still have PS3 Games that will most likely have servers shut down before I get near them lol Unfortunately the level Cap trophy, hero hunt is impossible for me and the master difficulty missions will stop me from gaining platinum but
  • Been waiting for this for too long. I'm gonna grind that level 50 trophy and get this off of my hard drive once and for all. Forget about level 100. The game is fun, but all of the downtime between matches and the insane loading times just suck all of the momentum out of a session.
  • I don't get it why they aren't mentioning these events before they actually happen? The grind to 100 is a fucking pain and now I missed this event aswell..
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