Here's 20 Minutes of Star Wars Battlefront 2 Multiplayer Gameplay - Video

Here's 20 Minutes of Star Wars Battlefront 2 Multiplayer Gameplay - Video

Dom Peppiatt

We recently had the chance to get some hands-on with Star Wars Battlefront 2 at E3. The demo we played only allowed us to take on a battle on Theed where you could play as either the droids or the Empire, with heroes Darth Maul, Rey and Han Solo available to summon.

The game was running on a PC - so fair warning, the graphics you see in the video below may not be exactly what appears on consoles later this year - and we could only play with a mouse and keyboard. So we apologise for the skill levels you may see in the video below... at least we tried to get to see as many of the various classes and every bit of the map.

Check out the video below, or check out our full preview here.

  • I think that after that cluster fuck of a conference that EA put on for E3 that the majority of us have had more than enough of Battlefornt II's multiplayer. I mean come on, how about showing us what we really want to see the story campaign or is it such a mess that they would rather not show it to anyone?
  • Wow. The guy playing is a go out there and show us the MP by getting involved not sniping like a bag bro. This game like the first WI be great All you nerds that only care about campaign can shut up Dice usually focus's on MP so get you nerd fix when it comes out. We don't need spoilers on campaign before release we have seen enough of the side project crap to make geeks happy. Star wars battlefront was great for a mp game. Puss boys must not be able to handle dying a lil bit in a
  • Why so angry brush? Stay away from the darkside
  • Next year will be the time to get this...when it's only $20.00 with all DLC.
  • #4 IDK about you but I think this game has more then proven its self to be worth full price. The only thing missing from the last game was story mode, and a made or two. This one pretty much fix everything I at lest, had at odds with it. I'll be playing this day one, Look for the little lolimon dressed as a small green frog with a light saber LOL!
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