Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Standalone Release Confirmed

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered Standalone Release Confirmed

Richard Walker

Activision has put out a trailer for the rumoured Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered standalone release, confirming that the spruced up version of the 2007 classic, will indeed be available without having to purchase Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

"One of the most critically-acclaimed Campaigns in video game history. Multiplayer that redefined the FPS genre. Experience both in stunning high definition, remastered for a new gaming generation," the trailer's accompanying text says.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered will be coming to PlayStation 4 first on 27th June, both on disc and for digital download. Check out the announcement trailer below.

  • Price?
  • I'm curious to know if those of us who purchased the legacy edition will still need the Infinite Warfare disc to play Modern Warfare. I hope they patch it so we don't. But knowing the money hungry company that is Activision, this won't be the case.
  • Does that mean I can play mine without having to put the IW disc in?
  • OMG I'm shocked!!! Really!?! Nobody saw this coming!
  • Motherfuckers buckled....guess what i wont buy it coz theyve left it too long :-) :-)
  • @Comment #3 by Battlehead Could you imagine if you still needed the disc. Before anyone buys the game make sure you read the description carefully. I already bought the Legacy Pro Edition back in February for $22.60 CAD new and my guess is this will probably be around $40+ on the Canadian PSN store.
  • Just seen on its going to be $39 or £37
  • I'll very much pass.
  • For those asking. I contacted Activision customer support and they told me that you will still need the disc to play the game. They have no plans of releasing a patch so that one does not need the disc. Typical Activision fashion.
  • @7 then its a no from me and for that price everyone else should also just say no. Wait a week, no one will buy it for that stupid price and it will go on sale for the £10 to £15 that it should be :)
  • Complete bullshit !!! I got my plat trophy BEFORE the game was released on disc.. The 2 week advance play was awesome... When the game was released, they patched it so it was REQUIRED to use the Infin. Warfare disc..... Just in-patch that shit so I can toss that shitty game in the trash and continue to play this masterpiece..... Fucking Activision !!!
  • $40? Seriously? I'm so glad Activision doesn't make many games that I enjoy. I would hate to support a company without a charitable bone in their body.
  • I have digital version of IW Legacy Edition and in all honesty if you want a good online shooter go with Battlefield 1. Or save your money for CoD:WW2. Really, playing CoD4 was fun for a while but it gets boring fast.
  • $40 is a bit steep for a remaster of a game this old, especially since the special edition COD that it came with didn't even cost $40 more last fall.
  • what a joke!
  • This is bullshit, hope someone files a claim on false advertising on them for this little stunt, they better release the digital version for free for those who purchased the bundle last year
  • In least surprising news ever...
  • for $40 they can eat my balls.
  • oh Daisy, milking time
  • £37 hahaha, so glad I gave up with this shitty company after Advanced Warfare. Activision and EA and Ubisoft are three companies I don't deal with, pure greed.
  • I didn't buy infinite warfare because it looked like garbage, this game would've been the only reason, but I'm not paying around 40e for this game.. I bet it doesn't include the dlc maps either xD
  • Saw this coming from a mile away.
  • Yah from what I read it doesn't seem to come with Map Pack and that's an extra 20$ right there.
  • This, Crash Bandicoot, and WW2. That is all Activision is getting from me for the whole year.
  • I would probably have bought this last year if it was standalone. This year has their new WW2 game which was always my favourite era for CoD. So much more likely I would get WW2 over this. May rent it just to experience the story once more.
  • So $40 and still have to buy a bunch of dlc, just saying... *sigh*
  • So im going to Buy Crash Bandicoot Remastered,This and WW2 but nothing else, so many companies bleeding me dry this year
  • @27 Try one. All 3 are from Activision.
  • well Ubisoft got 5 games out of me in the last month
  • @29 Ah, the days when you have disposable income for all the games. I miss those days
  • well you know im a bachelor , kinda selfish and well you know the Ubisoft games were on sale recently
  • im 28 also
  • It's €39,99 in the German Store. This is almost half of the Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition. A very steep price for a remaster imho.
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