Spider-Man's Free-Roam Manhattan Area Will Be 'Four to Six Times Bigger' Than Sunset Overdrive

Spider-Man's Free-Roam Manhattan Area Will Be 'Four to Six Times Bigger' Than Sunset Overdrive

Dom Peppiatt

In a behind-closed-doors hands-off preview of PS4's Spiderman, Insomniac community director James Stevenson confirmed to PlayStation Trophies that the game will be 'four to six times bigger' than Sunset Overdrive (Insomniac's last open world game) and will be the biggest game Insomniac has ever created.

Stevenson also confirmed that you'll be able to free roam around 'the whole of Manhattan' with a web-slinging mechanic that's based on momentum and physics - that trailer in the Sony presser is pretty indicative of how the game will handle: we saw the same section played through again, but this time the player wasn't as fluid in navigating the various obstacles, so it showed that you do have a good level of control over Spider-Man and the game isn't just an on-rails experience.

We also revealed yesterday that the game will be set in an entirely new Spider-Man universe (read: not connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe) and will focus on Peter Parker as much as it will on Spider-Man.

Spider-Man will be thwipping onto PlayStation 4 in 2018, and you can watch the web-spinning gameplay trailer below:

  • But will it be bigger than Spider-Man 2?
  • I'm hyped for this game! I think this is going to be great. I have faith in Insomniac.
  • @1 If this is a real question, then yes.
  • Interviews after the initial reveal indicated it isn't necessarily Peter Parker, than this years reveal showed Miles at the end, hinting that's who it was. Now interviews they are mentioning Peter Parker ... make up your mind Insomniac
  • Give us a release date already.
  • It's actually both Peter and miles.
  • Hopefully that world is full of interesting things to do. Bigger isn't always better if the world is a lifeless wasteland.
  • @4, @6, I've also heard it will have Ultimate Spidy in it as well, so I'm really confused by all this. During one press briefing, they said you're playing as Peter, who has been Spidy for 8 years. So maybe you'll have flashback missions as the Ultimate version when he's 15 or 16, then current day 23 year old Peter and maybe Miles taking up the role as well? They showed Mister Negative with the split personality & whatnot, maybe that will come into play & how Miles gets involved?
  • @8 - I don't know what you mean? Miles Morales IS the Spiderman from the Ultimate universe. Yes, there was an Ultimate Peter, but they usually use Ultimate to differentiate between Peter and Miles.
  • the E3 showing was AWESOME. it was the swan song to end the Sony press conference, I was totally stunned when I saw the graphics and the animations and take downs. it was truly nice. I liked "SHATTERED DIMENSIONS" on PS3, pretty hyped, so im sure that Insomniac will do a good job with the next gen capabilities.. I really think that this game will be good.. im expecting a late 2018, first quarter 2019 release.. so it AINT coming for a while, so just play all these other games until then...
  • @9, I'm not at all up date on the comics, so I was thinking of Ultimate version from the early 2000s & the recent tv show, which focused on teenage Peter during his first year(s) as Spidy.
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