Beyond Good & Evil 2 Finally Unveiled With Jawdropping Trailer

Beyond Good & Evil 2 Finally Unveiled With Jawdropping Trailer

Richard Walker

Ubisoft Montpellier has finally lifted the lid on Beyond Good and Evil 2, a prequel story that precedes the birth of the first game's protagonist, Jade. Taking you to System 3, BGE 2 includes an entirely new cast of characters in a vast universe where Hybrid slaves are created in labs.

Promising a "vast and seamless online playground," you can play Beyond Good & Evil 2 solo or with your friends, in what is being described as a spiritual successor to the cult classic", featuring "grandiose decors" and "intense" drama. The game will also be in active development alongside the community as part of the 'Space Monkey Program'.

Take a look at the Beyond Good and Evil 2 reveal trailer below, followed by a detailed breakdown of said trailer by creator Michel Ancel. Beyond Good and Evil 2 is happening then, but we've yet to get a release date.

  • Can't wait to get home and watch this, but it is DAY ONE BUY no matter what. I probably won't watch anything after this reveal trailer so I can go in as clueless as humanly possible=)
  • I has all the amazing features that the original had. Things like... Online...? Multiplayer...? What a minute that isn't what made the original great... Hoping that it is as good because online and multiplayer tack ons aren't always welcome.
  • jaw dropping? cmon. it showed nothing. just a run of the mill cinematic trailer. ill be shocked if this game comes out before 2020
  • Defenitely was worth the waiting!!! I can't believe that one of my favorite childhood games finally returns!
  • @3 yep. People are losing their minds over a movie with no gameplay
  • I'm not hyped anymore for anything UBISOFT. Still want to play it though. Would have been sweet if this was unveiled at SONY's presser.
  • Cinematic trailers do nothing for me and the lack of even a tentative release date, means this game is still months or even years away so I see no reason to get excited just yet. If this was made up of actual gameplay footage, then I could excited but it's just a pre-rendered cinematic that might not even be in the finished game.
  • This try-hard edgy me-too snorefest could not be further from what made the first game so special. I wonder if this is indeed Ancel's original vision, or if that's what he had to reduce it to to be able to work on the game at all.
  • still wont come out. remember the last trailer for this game
  • oh yeah, definitely, i loved all of the f*cks Jade dropped in the original game, that multiplayer the game had was just amazing, best thing ever.
  • Very interesting to see this has gone more adult, then the previous game which had a younger audience rating.
  • I'm a bit disappointed by the trailer. The forced language felt unnatural, I don't like the characters I've seen so far, other than the Asian chick because reasons, and to have an endearing and well put together tale end with a cliffhanger only to get a prequel I'm not thrilled by is a bit disheartening after all these years. Not a day one anymore, but I'll keep an eye on it, and hope that it changes somewhat.
  • Sounds like they're learning from Blizzard CGI.
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