Destiny 2’s Open-World Environments Are Designed To Be “Places You Can Inhabit” Says Bungie – Video

Destiny 2’s Open-World Environments Are Designed To Be “Places You Can Inhabit” Says Bungie – Video

Dan Webb

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Destiny 2 is coming later this year and Bungie have been keen to push the message that they’ve been listening to player and fan feedback regarding the original Destiny and put it to good use.

We caught up with Mark Noseworthy recently, Destiny 2’s Project Lead, to talk all things Destiny 2, especially in relation to the game’s open-world environments like the European Dead Zone which will feature in the sequel, an area they’re calling the “largest destination” they’ve ever built, packing it with much more content that the original.

“Certainly, the European Dead Zone is the largest destination we’ve ever built and you know we’re really trying to make the destinations places you can inhabit,” said Noseworthy. “You’re not just going down and doing this one specific thing, you can say, “there’s a landing zone here, I’m going to go down and hang out, I’m gonna do patrols, I’m gonna look for these treasure maps, I’m going to play adventures or I’m going to go in search of these Lost Sectors.””

Noseworthy even went so far as to say that Destiny 2 has the “best PVP” experience Bungie have ever made… which is a pretty big statement from a studio who made Halo 2 and Halo 3. Of course, he would say that though, so you be the judge of whether it is or not.

Destiny 2 is scheduled for a September 8th release. Expect more news on it from E3, which bloody well starts this weekend, doesn’t it!

  • I shall inhabit those places.
  • We'll see come September, but there is no hype as it will probably be an Eat-N-Park sugar coated cookie, and those, yeah...
  • Well if by "we" they mean the current Bungie staff members, not including the ones who left for 343 that made the original Halo games, I'm sure they'r'e correct
  • I doubt they are any bigger than the first. The story will be just as short.. they'll focus on their terrible MP mode unfortunately :(
  • @#3 - Devs often refer to themselves as the royal "we" and speak from a studio standpoint as opposed to an individual standpoint. It's something that pretty much every studio I have come across does.
  • Preordered and waiting. Looks like they made another fun shoot em up. We will see how much they listened, but it still looks like it will be a great game.
  • Cha-Ching. Another check cashed.
  • #7 yep from me aswell, cos unlike all the haters I actually loved Destiny. Can't wait to put another couple of thousand hours into this one.
  • Isn't Halo 2 backwards compatible? Soooooooooooooooooooooo... Even it wasn't much chop, but in the fps void that was the original Xbox, that barely polished (rehashed) turd did seem good. So more of that, but at 1000% the cost? Yeah, "sign me up"! Bwahahahahaha! Next!
  • right... you said that the last time.
  • I love BUNGiE but no way on gods green earth will pvp thats limited to 4v4 compete with Halo's btb's, Destiny for all its remarkable weaponry and 3 class dynamics was a step down from their previous glory and I honestly can't see D2 reaching the epic scale they hit with the original Halo trilogy (and Reach, for me the spires invasion is still the pinnacle of BUNGiE's creativity).
  • The original Destinys PVP is already one of the best I've ever played. If they really can beef THAT up again we are in for a treat
  • Adventure games do NOT need PvP. I wish they'd stop making Destiny into Call of Duty and stick to the space opera it was supposed to be.
  • now i love destiny, but halo was the game that has best pvp, it has DEDICATED servers which help a lot and balanced enough weapons/vehicles
  • @13 well said, only reason this has pvp is because on Activision. all my friends have said that anything they touch, eventually turns into poison rubbish. there's also sad thing hidden and when a 'contract' ends between a developer and Acti, Activision will sue the life out of them to force them to shut down. so only matter time for bungie
  • No thank you, wasting my money and time on the 1st one was enough... No more Activision games for me!!
  • I have it preordered but I can't imagine spending even half the time on this one as I did with the 1st. Too many other good games coming out soon lol
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