Middle-Earth: Shadow of War's New Nemesis System "Expands the Palette of Stories You Can Have" - Interview

Richard Walker

Tolkien's Middle-Earth universe is rich, fertile ground for all manner of expanded media beyond the books, as the wealth of movies, spin-offs and video games have shown over the years. And despite being a non-canon story, Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor proved that there's even more room to go beyond the books, with unique tales within the same world.

As such, Shadow of War picks up where the first game left off, looking to expand the narrative with its new and improved Nemesis system, creating even more unique stories in which Talion and his army of orcs go beyond the confines of Mordor, to other iconic regions of Middle-Earth. It's a system that means Monolith is "enormously expanding the palette of stories you can have," according to the developer.

We spoke to VP of Creative on Shadow of War, Michael de Plater about expanding the narrative and where it'll take us outside of Mordor, as well as new characters, returning characters, building the new Nemesis system with fortress assaults, loot, gear, weapons and more, among other things. Check it out in our interview video below.

Middle-Earth: Shadow of War will be out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 22nd August in North America and 25th August in Europe.

  • can't wait for this but can see him saying there gonna be a way to set the game to easy or hard having trophies tied to those.
  • Got my mithril edition preordered :D
  • as long as they expand the colour palette as well, the first game was good but it was a bit 50 shades of brown
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