Portal Knights is The Minecraft RPG Adventure You've Always Wanted – Video

Portal Knights is The Minecraft RPG Adventure You've Always Wanted – Video

Richard Walker

Already enjoying a bit of a following thanks to a stint on Steam Early Access, Portal Knights is a bright and breezy Zelda-esque RPG adventure injected with a rich vein of Minecraft-inspired crafting, boss encounters, exploration, quests and collecting. And it's insanely charming and colourful to boot.

You can unearth resources and materials, level up, fight enemies, and share the journey with a fellow adventurer in local split-screen co-op. Portal Knights is a proper, full-blooded, big game.

Traipsing across a range of randomly-generated environments, you can pick berries, hack and slash your way through the scenery with a pickaxe to harvest stuff, smash nefarious creatures with your weapon of choice, accept quests from the world's cast of colourful characters, and even set about constructing a home or fortress stronghold. Whatever your imagination or level of perseverance will allow.

From today, you can download a trial version of the game, where you can create your own character, mine resources to craft new armour and weaponry, get to grips with the basics, and renovate your derelict farmhouse before growing some crops.

We had the chance to play the game recently, enjoying some of the early sandbox gameplay in single-player, followed by an epic boss battle late into the game with an ill-tempered dragon in split-screen co-op. You can watch it all unfold in our 14 minute gameplay below.

Portal Knights is due out PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 19th May in Europe and 23rd May in North America. The free trial is available now, and you can transfer your progress across to the full game when it launches.

  • I haven't always wanted it, but played the demo and it's adorable.
  • I love it and will be getting it. I loved 3D-Dot game heroes on PS3 and this is just the kind of game I need. Haven't played a colorful good adventure game in a while.
  • Reminds me more of the original Dungeon Defenders to be honest. That game was fun.
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