Prey's Spectacular Opening Sets the Stage For Sci-Fi Horror Nirvana - Video

Prey's Spectacular Opening Sets the Stage For Sci-Fi Horror Nirvana - Video

Richard Walker

As far as reboots go, you'd be forgiven for thinking that Prey didn't exactly need one. And you could argue that strictly speaking, the links between Human Head Games' original Prey from 2006 and Arkane Studios' new take are fairly tenuous. But really, none of that matters. A rose by any other name and all that; Prey looks astonishingly good.

That's no more evident than in the game's spectacular opening sequence, which sees Morgan Yu waking up in his swish city apartment before heading into work at TranStar, the corporation that owns the Talos I space station aboard which Prey is set. But, as we not several times over in our gameplay video, all is not as it seems in Morgan Yu's world.

What ensues is a bout of sci-fi survival horror, as Yu faces an alien threat able to mimic any object in Prey's world, so danger can come from literally anywhere at any time. We've got Prey's awesome opening for you (so beware, there are some early story *SPOILERS*) and some gameplay in and around the Art Deco styled lobby of Talos I. Check it out below.

Prey launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 5th May 2017.

  • It's not either a ReBoot or a ReImagining of the Original Prey Game. When Bethesda canned the Odd Sequel to Prey, the Prey name was just sitting dormant. That's when they just gave the name to Arkane to use it in their new game. It does actually take a couple of things from the original Prey, as some of the creature are similar, but other than that, this is in all actuality: A Brand New IP with an Old Name. It looks great & I am getting it Day 1. I'm just suprised the launch was announced out of nowhere & is so soon. I didn't expect Prey to release Holiday 2017 or Q1 2018, at the earliest. I just hope it's not rushed.
  • It looks amazing - Bioshock with solid RPG elements and a RE inventory management. After watching a couple of "Lets play video", Iam getting it day 1.
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