Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: Scarif Infiltration Gameplay - U-wings, Space and Shoretroopers!

Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: Scarif Infiltration Gameplay - U-wings, Space and Shoretroopers!

Richard Walker

Star Wars Battlefront has been lying dormant on the PlayStation Trophies office shelf for some time now, gradually gathering space dust as newer games threaten to eat up our time like a ravenous Sarlacc. Following the previous Death Star expansion, this upcoming Rogue One: Scarif DLC obviously ties in with the upcoming movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but is it enough to coax you back for more Battlefront action? Perhaps.

As the latest Battlefront DLC's title suggests, Scarif takes the action to the eponymous exotic planet, all sandy shores and tropical jungle foliage. The banner mode for Scarif is Infiltration, a new three-stage affair that starts in space above the planet itself, demanding the Rebellion successfully defend and escort one of their U-wing ships through the shield gate and to safety.

That means its up to your squadron of X-wings to cover the vulnerable ass of the U-wing pilots, as they make a perilous voyage past Star Destroyers and various space debris, while the opposing team's TIE Fighters try to shoot the Rebel craft down before it reaches its destination. This bit is called 'The Approach' and can be over in a matter of minutes with a well-coordinated team of Rebels working together properly.

The Imperials have their work cut out in this first stage, but during 'The Distraction' set upon the planet's verdant surface, suddenly the odds stack up in the Empire's favour, as the Rebels must set an explosive charge on one of two enemy cargo ships parked on landing platforms at either side of the map. Think Battlefield's Rush but with only two points on which to set your charges, while the enemy strives to disarm them and prevent you from blowing up the target.

Managing to defend a charge and blow one of the ships means the Rebels are able to advance to the next stage of Infiltration, having distracted the Scarif Stormtroopers and other Imperial forces. The final step is 'The Extraction', a round in which the Rebels start in a base and must take a number of datatapes to a waiting U-wing stationed at a designated point on the map. Deliver the datatapes and you'll escape Scarif and the clutches of the Empire. To help, the Rebels have access to a U-wing gunship power-up that circles the map enabling you to provide air support, while the Empire can carry out similar strafing runs using a TIE Striker.

Like all three stages of Infiltration, the Imperials' only job is to stop the Rebels, defending during each round. As such, winning a match as the Rebels is undoubtedly the more difficult task. And this being a Star Wars Battlefront expansion, Rogue One: Scarif also boasts two new Heroes, with Jyn Erso fighting for the Rebels and Director Orson Krennic representing the evil Empire. As you'd expect, each has their own set of abilities and weaponry.

Krennic also has his very own Death Trooper 'honor guards', while Jyn has a formidable A180 blaster pistol, one of two new blasters included with the Scarif DLC. The second is the DT-29, a six shooter-style blaster with plenty of stopping power that requires manual reloading. It's wielded by Krennic as his signature weapon, but can also be used in any conventional loadout, along with the new Sonic Imploder Star Card, which temporarily obscures an enemy's vision and lowers their armour.

You can find out loads more in our Infiltration gameplay video. Star Wars Battlefront Rogue One: Scarif launches for Season Pass holders on 6th December.

  • Looks tight, tight as having Pizza on a Tuesday.
  • @1 that has to be one of the strangest statements I have read. Pizza can be had any day of the week, why on earth is it tight to have it on a Tuesday?
  • can't wait for this, new trophies should be fun too. is this the last DLC for the game?? hope not. If BF2 comes out end of 2017 there must be more for this
  • Not the best of DLC - The space battle can be very if co-ordinated well amongst the rebels, the ground attack is a little more trickier for the rebels and easier for the Empire to depend, Interesting insight of Rogue One of a shield generator protecting the Planet Scarif. A
  • Sorry I meant the space battles can be over very quickly, and easier for the Empire to defend, can't seem to edit original comment :/
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