Gamescom 2016: Mafia III Looks So Good, It's Criminal

Gamescom 2016: Mafia III Looks So Good, It's Criminal

Richard Walker

We open with Lincoln Clay driving a speedboat through gleaming waters, the amber sunset reflecting on the crystal clear surface as it cuts through the surf. It's about as quiet and reflective as Mafia 3 gets, as we're about to discover in yet another bout of uncompromisingly violent gameplay as Clay carves a vengeful path through the corrupt city of New Bordeaux.

This time around we're shown a segment in which Clay sets about tracking down and 'taking care of' Italian mob boss Sal Marcano's crooked accountant Tony Derazio. Introduced to Derazio, we're left in no doubt that he's a morally bankrupt shitbag, squeezing a humble shopkeeper for cash before shooting him in cold blood. It's a cinematic slice of storytelling that establishes the scene for just one of many bloodsoaked revenge missions that you'll embark upon.

Starting by calling up his weapons dealer, Lincoln tools up for a stealthy approach to this particular mission, packing a machine gun just in case the shit hits the fan. Given two options – one to steal a car and go via the Royal Hotel parking garage elevator, the other to stroll into the lobby guns blazing – we're shown the more covert method, which still opens with Clay plunging a knife into the driver's jugular. Sneaking onwards, the next thug is dispatched with a tackle to the ground and a brutal stomp to the head. Mafia 3 pulls no punches with the old ultra-violence.

Reaching the penthouse floor, Lincoln tells the receptionist to clear out, stealth is thrown into the bin and bullets fly. Mafia 3 has a pretty robust-looking cover mechanic and combat appears slick and accessible, with Clay able to blindfire over obstacles or rush in like a one-man army, brandishing plenty of firepower.

You could conceivably creep through Derazio's offices quietly eliminating his goons with a head stomp, a knife to the neck or by plugging them in the cranium with a silenced pistol, but an aggressive approach is, of course, entirely viable, especially given Clay's past as a Vietnam vet. Going the violent route also shows off the game's environmental destruction, as Derazio's plush office is riddled with bullet holes, shattering masonry, tiles and splintering wood.

Pumping Derazio's thugs full of lead, Clay then busts into his office using a crowbar that comes with its own little mini-game, and confronts the bespectacled accountant who's recklessly wielding a rocket launcher. Dodging the RPG projectiles, Clay blasts Derazio with machine gun fire, wounding him and initiating a final cut-scene before you eradicate him for good. “I'll be replaced! No one will notice!” Derazio splutters, before Clay throws him out of the window and onto the street below. “Everyone will notice”.

A news report lays out the grisly scene for all to see, and Clay's promise is kept, sending a clear message to the rest of Marcano's crew and the don himself that he's coming for them. Aiming to provide a cinematic and dramatic tale of revenge, Mafia 3 is still looking like it could be one of this generation's best open-world crime sagas to date. We just need to go hands-on now, to see if it plays as good as it looks.

Mafia 3 will be tearing up New Bordeaux when it comes to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 7th October. Check out our video interview with Hangar 13's Design Director here.

  • My only issue with this game so far is rather minor, but apparently there isn't any sort of character customization options, including attire, which is a shame.
  • #1 Apparently new clothing options are coming as free dlc sometime after launch
  • Can,t wait! Looks awesome. As 2 said there will be some caracter costumization far is know there will be different outfits included in a free DLC and prob some you unlock thru playing the game.
  • I love Amber Sunset! Don't care for this game though.
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