Final Fantasy XV Is Getting A Live Music Concert At Abbey Road In September

Final Fantasy XV Is Getting A Live Music Concert At Abbey Road In September

Dom Peppiatt

Square Enix has announced that there will be a concert featuring music from Final Fantasy XV held at Abbey Road Studio on Wednesday 7th September. The game's composer Yoko Shimomura will also be in attendance at the event.

The concert begins at 7pm BST, and will be streamed live across the globe. It's interesting to note it begins an hour before the PlayStation Meeting event in New York, too... we wonder if there's a coincidence.

Square Enix will announce more information about how you can watch the stream soon, but in the meantime you might want to click through this link to see if you can win one of 10 pairs of tickets from Abbey Road itself.

Yoko Shimomura has stated:

"With so many iconic recordings taking place here over the years, performing the music for Final Fantasy XV in the very same recording studio is a huge honour for me and for everyone involved. I am excited to be able to collaborate with Abbey Road Studios for this performance and to share the music of Final Fantasy XV with everyone. I hope that music and videogame fans around the world can tune-in and join me for this incredible experience."

Final Fantasy XV launches on its new date of November 29th, 2016 for PS4 and Xbox One.


  • Must be why they delayed the game. LOL
  • This will probably be better than the game lol. Final Fantasy music is always amazing.
  • More DLC......and not included in the season pass. Yup i'm not buying this anymore. I was beyond hyped before delay but ever since delay they just don't give a fuck about trying to make XV perfect anymore......just milk it as much as possible.
  • I think the delay has something to do with the CGI movie. The Delux edition will have a Blu-Ray copy of Kingsglaive... I wasn't interested in watching it at the cinema merely because I will be having a copy anyway... so I guess to make the milking of an already available CGI extra, delay it so it will have a few weeks at the movies to rake some money in...
  • Who the hell was supposed to guard the Forum-Trolls? Seems like they all escaped and are now roaming around Final Fantasy XV on this site. I'm not happy about the delay either. And I wish this concert wasn't in London (it's a little off from Germany...) But I don't think they delayed the game to somehow make more money out of it. I don't see how exactly anyway.
  • #3 I don't know why you're so pissed over the delay. Yeah it's disappointing, but I fail to see how a two month delay will somehow adversely affect the overall quality of the game. Common sense would dictate the exact opposite. But regardless of that; you do realize that every FF game since 7 has been delayed at least half a dozen times prior to launch, right? Besides, they haven't made a game worthy of the name "Final Fantasy" since 10 on the ps2. So I don't know why anyone is still that emotionally invested in anything Square makes.
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