E3 2016: How Batman Arkham VR Enables You To Be The World's Greatest Detective

E3 2016: How Batman Arkham VR Enables You To Be The World's Greatest Detective

Richard Walker

When I saw the announcement for Batman Arkham VR, I have to admit that I wasn't all that convinced it could work. On paper, a Virtual Reality Batman game is genius, but is it something that could actually live up to the image I had of it in my brain? Then I realised that Rocksteady Studios was back on development duties, returning to the Arkham series it created, this time for a VR entry in the series: possibly its one last hurrah with the Dark Knight. That's a pretty exciting prospect.

And once you plonk the PlayStation VR headset onto your head and start playing it using a PS Move controller in each hand, it's easy to get a sense of why Batman Arkham VR is such a good idea. Our E3 demo commences with us assuming the role of Bruce Wayne, as Alfred Pennyworth hands us the key to a grand piano. Inserting the key, we turn it to open the lock, lift the lid and tinkle a few notes on the piano. Hey presto, the floor opens up and we slowly descend down a long elevator shaft into the Batcave. So far, so good.

It's then simply a case of donning the Batsuit, strapping into the gauntlets and putting on the cowl, and our transformation into the Caped Crusader is complete. In reality, I'm a complete plum stood in a room wearing stupid goggles (as the picture below illustrates), but in Batman Arkham VR, I'm Batman. Next, we're given Batman's grapnel gun to fiddle around with, before gaining his scanner for Detective Mode and of course, batarangs to chuck about.

Next comes the crux of what Batman Arkham VR is all about, as we're presented with a crime scene and Bats' scanner to figure out what exactly has transpired. As it happens, this will be purely what Batman Arkham VR will be all about, which means you won't exactly get to live out the complete fantasy of being the Dark Knight. Instead, you can analyse and pick through clues, before using the Move controller to change your position within the crime scene, turning it to rewind and fast forward through the events that led to the grisly situation you're presented with.

This particularly grisly sequence involves Nightwing, who's been caught up in a violent altercation with a mysterious assailant. As we fit the pieces together, we soon discover that Dick Grayson sustained a series of horrific, bone-crunching injuries during the fight, and there was a witness who saw it all from a nearby nook. Taking a fingerprint sample from a wall, we're able to check Gotham's database to determine that the witness was one of the Penguin's henchmen, giving us a solid lead to pursue.

And that's where our time with Batman Arkham VR ends. As something that manages to convey one specific part of Batman's persona, Batman Arkham VR pretty much nails it. The trouble is, Detective Mode wasn't exactly considered to be the most exciting part of the Arkham games. Bereft of combat, swooping from rooftops with your cape billowing behind you, the myriad gadgets, vehicles and other aspects that define Batman, I can't help but feel that Batman Arkham VR might be somewhat lacking and a little one-note when it launches this October.

However, if the idea of crime-solving while wearing the Dark Knight's cowl sounds appealing – and there's a lot to be said for inhabiting DC's best character (shut up, he is) – then you'll be wanting to hook up Batman Arkham VR as soon as you possibly can.

Batman Arkham VR will be coming exclusively to PlayStation VR on 13th October 2016.

  • Not interested in VR for this game tbh, but there is a few others I could totally consider getting VR for early next year. Only time will tell if they don't get delayed and I can even afford this though...
  • Be Batman, without wearing the costume and running around the streets. Pfffttt, then why bother. That's 90% of the appeal. :D
  • If I can motorboat Catwoman's, Harley Quinn's, and Poison Ivy's titties in the game I can die happy.
  • can't wait to get the 2nd version of vr... once all the headaches and seizures are worked out with the launch version.
  • @3: Are you 12 years old?
  • @5 The problem is he ISN'T 12 years old, he's probably 40 and never touched a real tit in his life.
  • Lets hope we can play without the VR.
  • @6 It's not like you can walk up to a beautiful woman and grab her tits IRL!
  • @#8 don't worry, they're just mad because they can't afford to motorboat their tits.
  • @9 Glad you see it my way! We pervs look out for each other!
  • @10 And BOOM goes the dynamite haha
  • Going back to the game and VR itself. Does anyone know if VR will work with some who is practically blind in one eye. Just see blur colours. I also need glasses for the other eye.
  • @12 Don't you mean a monocle?
  • @3 Dat Harley.
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