Abzu Swims Into Your Life This August, Watch the New Trailer

Abzu Swims Into Your Life This August, Watch the New Trailer

Richard Walker

Apparently, darling it's better down where it's wetter under the sea. You'll be able to discover whether that's actually true or not when Abzû, the underwater adventure that "evokes the dream of diving", comes to PlayStation 4 this August.

In Abzû you're able to "immerse yourself in a vibrant ocean world full of mystery" that's "bursting with colour and life", performing underwater acrobatics, swimming among the fishes and other sea life, and just having an all-round lovely time.

As you explore the murky depths, you'll also discover hidden secrets and dangers lurking in the deep blue. You'll be able to dive into the abyss when Abzû launches for PlayStation 4 on 2nd August. Watch the new trailer below.

  • Oooh look at you, all artsy fartsy and stuff. I dunno, will have to wait for reviews and I love the underwater setting for games. Not counting Abzu out but Subnautica & Song of the Deep seem more interesting.
  • Looked good until I watched the trailer. Graphics look poor and the gameplay looks like the old game "Nights"
  • Aquanaut's Holiday 2?
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