No Mans Sky Release Date Revealed Limited Edition Detailed

No Man’s Sky Release Date Revealed, Limited Edition Detailed

Lee Bradley

Hello Games’ No Man’s Sky finally has a release date. The intergalactic exploration game will hit PlayStation 4 on June 21st in North America and June 24th in Europe.

No Man’s Sky will be available both digitally and at retail, both editions of which are available to pre-order now. There’s a sexy limited edition release too, which includes a Steelbook, a comic, an art book and codes for some digital stuff, all of which comes in a nice slip case. Only 10,000 copies will be made available.

“Sean Murray has been working with Dave Gibbons (co-creator of Watchmen and Kingsman), James Swallow (Mass Effect, Star Wars, Deus Ex writer) and famous sci-fi book cover artist Angus McKie to create a comic book sharing some of the lore of the game,” the PS Blog expands.

“We all thought it would be cool to include this along with a gorgeous art book from the game, a SteelBook with unique artwork of the Atlas, and a dynamic theme by Mr Div (well-known 3D visual artist and creator of the No Man’s Sky logo) in the Limited Edition we’re also releasing.”

No Man’s Sky will cost $60.

  • I want to like this game, I really do. It looks like everything I love about Sci-fi. But I just have this nagging feeling that it'll be too repetitive. If there's a story element to it, or some kind of outpost building, then yeah, I might get into it more. IDK. The end of June release date means it'll be shown at E3. So I guess I'll hold my final judgments till then.
  • I don't want the game but the limited edition game I want it looks so cool. Only problem is I would want to keep it sealed :(
  • Crap game.
  • Comment #3 by xD Rick Fuck is it...............lend me your time machine so i can see for myself. How the fuck can you diss something you not even tried?
  • @4 just a troll and you just fed him.
  • Overhyped and priced now.
  • I honestly thought it would just be $15 when I first seen the trailer over a year ago
  • Ok, so it the limited edition $60? I guess I am not clear on that. I like the look of it and would be willing to pay that for this edition, but don't see it on Amazon or GS yet..
  • I found it. Collector's version is $80 and because it's only PS4 and limited to 10K copies it will sell out mostly to some douches who sell it for 3x that later. Guess that settles it then, preordering now...
  • I think this game will be great if you like exploring and seeing new stuff in new locations. I can see myself getting the platinum and then playing this once in a while for nothing but discovering new worlds and secrets (I hope).
  • Another premium priced game we now virtually nothing about. Well other than "explore procedurally generated world" and "survival". If I were to judge by the other game that has done that lately - The Witness - I doubt is has much more to it.
  • That limited edition looks nice. Anyone know where you can find it to pre-order?
  • Comment #5 by Ariost And you just pointed out the obvious.
  • @12 Amazon's got it. I haven't found one from Canadian vendors though.
  • Preordered my limited edition.
  • Canadian here, pre-ordered from amazon for 90$ yep, we get screwed every time. Anyway, got my physical copy secured.
  • @11 Are you high? The Witness isn't a survival game and its certainly not procedurally generated. It's a hand crafted puzzle game. No Man's Sky is a First-Person Procedurally Generated Exploration-Based Space-Sim MMO. The two games have nothing in common besides both being considered indie games.
  • @16 Was that the limited edition? Where in Canada were you able to preorder?
  • @ 12 thanks for the research. At the time of this article I couldn't find anything on a Canadian site. But now im seeing it available on Amazon and Bestbuy. No limited edition though :(
  • I loved the long trailer from 2 or 3 years ago that showed the game for the first time, but I just don't really care anymore. At least not enough to pre order at full price. Same with The Division and Uncharted 4.
  • My god is the Limited Edition already sold out? I had preordered it on Amazon earlier today when I first heard the news and tonight I went to check Gamestop LE for the exclusive GameStop stuff and it said it wasn't available. Hmmm. So I went to Amazon and it says "Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock." Wow, did it sell all 10K copies within 15 hours or is it some mistake?
  • Just like someone stated earlier in here, prob some guys who wanna earn some good money, who bying 3 or 4 copies at onces! I honest think, if its this limited then you only be able to buy one, like they do with other stuff ect. But i know hard to control on-line, due the possibility of different email adresses ect. Just sucks for those who really want one and can,t get one because those assholes bought it by the dozen.
  • @22 ironically people are selling it on Ebay for £95 already. The store that sells many jrpg games like Hyperdimension Neptunia has LE and they limit it to one per email, account and household
  • Did I read that right, only 10k copies of the limited edition & it already seems to be sold out?
  • 10k copies seems way too few for worldwide, they should have put out 50k of them
  • @16 "yep, we get screwed every time" Try the UK, it's £70 (133 CAD) over here for the limited edition...
  • GAH. Sold out on already. Even with the Canadian dollar being as crappy as it is right now, I would've preordered this if they had even let me.
  • @17: What I meant was that for both games we knew/know very little besides some basic gameplay and both are priced at a premium. The Witness only showed off some "connect the dots"-puzzles before release and it turned out to be not much more than that. Or like Far Cry Primal, which turned out to be just another Far Cry in a different setting (which was all the trailers really showed). No Man's Sky only showed off some exploration and a bit of survival elements and I have doubt it will have more meat to it. It proved itself in the last years that if you don't talk about something before release, it is usually not worth talking about at all.
  • so...what, is it releasing 3 games alongside no man's sky? is an indie game really worth this much?
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