New 'Alice: Madness Returns' Media Crawls Out of the TGS Rabbit Hole

Richard Walker

American McGee's Alice follow-up, Madness Returns, surfaced briefly during EA's TGS press conference today, where the man himself revealed a new teaser trailer and a fresh batch of screenshots.

McGee also revealed that Alice's Vorpal Blade from the first game will be making a comeback, alongside three new Wonderland-inspired weapons: the Pepper Grinder, Teapot and Hobby Horse.

Expect puzzling, action and adventure aplenty, and find out what Alice has done, when Madness Returns in 2011. Get your looking glass out for the trailer and screens below:

  • awesome....pure awesome... cant wait :)
  • this is gonna be sweet. really enjoyed the 1st 1.
  • This game is going to be awesome. American McGee does some really good games.
  • Loved the first.. Can't wait!
  • S I C K
  • Awesome,I loved the first one for the PC
  • Music sounds promising. I wonder if it is Chris Vrenna again. I'm looking foward to this game.
  • ima have to look for my copy of the first game since i dunno where it is XD and i havent played it yet... i love the Alice story so i definitely must play this =D
  • Want.
  • When I heard this one was coming out I dug around and found my old copy of the original :). Installed but haven't played it yet D:. Will have to before this comes out.
  • Never played the first one, but this looks great!
  • looks cool eventhough i never played the first
  • They need to put American McGee back in the title.
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