Broforce Emerges Victorious in Vote to Play Poll

Broforce Emerges Victorious in Vote to Play Poll

Richard Walker

Sony has announced that the Vote to Play polls have concluded and PlayStation Plus members have chosen their most wanted game for March's selection of Plus games. It's pixellated side-scrolling shooter Broforce.

"The Vote to Play polls are closed and we have a winner! Broforce joins PS Plus on 1st March. Thanks for voting!" reads the tweet from PlayStation EU announcing March's first PlayStation Plus game.

The PS Plus Vote to Play poll went live on 9th February with Action Henk and Assault Android Cactus also in the running. Broforce has emerged triumphant and will be coming alongside several other games as part of March's PS Plus update. Keep your eyes peeled for the full lineup soon.

  • My votes are always the ones who got the least votes q.q Maybe I have to vote for the crap next time xD
  • Is anyone surprised? What a farce.
  • Called it day 1 i knew broforce was gonna win and now im gonna say that this game wont have a plat
  • Not what I wanted...oh well.
  • Curious if this scheme affects sales of the other 2 games. Since they get taunted as could be free, it makes me want to wait to get them free at a later date. Not sure if others have that logic
  • @5 - neither Armello nor Zombie Vikings have been free (they were the Aug 2015 Vote to Play 'losers'), so I wouldn't hold my breath. I kinda liked Grow Home, don't know much about Broforce. Hopefully it has a plat and is fun.
  • @3 If the trophies are the same as the steam achievements it won't matter to most people because the platinum would be so difficult that maybe 1% of trophy hunters would be able to get it.
  • Not interested in playing the "winning" game, i just hope the other PS+ games are decent and not more indie games, (i don't hate indie games but we have had way too many over the last few months).
  • @8, agreed: nothing wrong with indie games - hell, Rocket League is honestly some of the most fun I've had on my PS4 - but the fact that this is all we've received pretty much on PS Plus since the PS4 has been released is getting very stale.
  • All PS+ PS$ games these days have been Indie games, we must be due a AAA title on PS4 soon.
  • another plus game i won't bother downloading. when will there be some AAA titles?
  • This is sony new business model. They are pushing indies and free to plays. AAA big titles arent going to happen. Why? Because there sales had went up and had gotten more plus subscribers than ever before since changing to indies plan. Google it.
  • I voted for Action Henk. That game looked like fun. I'm personally not interested in BroForce and I wasn't interested in Grow Home either.
  • Oh well, at least it's not that shitty-looking Henk game.
  • Looks terrible. not downloading. Not supporting these terrible games the COD fanbase is voting for.
  • @15 have you seen broforce? It's a side scroller. If you were born in the 80s you would understand why broforce won.
  • @15 I grew up in the 80s and those style of games were great, but its 2016 and i personally don't wanna spend another decade playing those types of games again. Truth is many PS players are getting tired of the same small scale indie games being shoved down our throats, when they clearly have AAA games they could be giving us even if its Killzone/Knack or AC IV, there is no reason why AAA games and indies can't co-exist on PS4 PS+ to satisfy both parties.
  • Much preferred Action Henk to win at least it was modern.
  • noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  • Yay?
  • Action Henk looks like it could be decent fun, but I was quite irritated with the developers response. They had been using twitter to spread the word about the game & vote it. When they lost, they handled it with a "FFS" tweet, which I thought was rather immature & really made them out to be sore losers.
  • i told u guys I was voting because of the name lol glad it won it cant be any worse than grow home was for me
  • Meh. I'll 'purchase' it but from what I've seen I'll probably not download it, not for myself anyway. I would have preferred Action Henk
  • @Comment #3 by TrueAssassin86x and Comment #6 by diskdocx It will likely not have a platinum trophy and based on the STEAM achievements will more than likely have 2 trophies that are under 1% accomplishment. Now you look at Assault Android Cactus it has a platinum with 6 golds, 11 silvers and 12 bronzes and the list looks like a joke. There is a user named PLClear who earned 10 trophies in the first 2 hours and 5 minutes of playing the game and that would be 1/3 of the trophy list exactly. If people are worried about platinum trophies with these vote to play games they need to do some research. Does it have STEAM achievements if it does then check out how many and the difficulty on some of them, check to see if the trophy list is already out for certain games. Both Zombie Vikings and Assault Android Cactus were out before the voting ended.
  • Wow, most of you guys sound like self-entitled crybabies. Free games are FREE. We should be happy just getting anything in return.
  • @25 I 100% agree with u but this is the attitude of the world my friend
  • Shit free games are shit.
  • @24 Exactly. At least that shitty action henk didn´t win. I voted for Android Cactus, but don´t mind Broforce either. I´ll just wait a couple of days to see the trophies if there´s something nearly impossible as said above I won´t even download it.
  • YESSS BROOOOOOOOOO!!!!! seriously glad this won, and rightly so :) looking forward to playing it.
  • The most technologically less advanced pile of crap always wins. Are these are votes or is it faked like xfacter?????
  • @30 Dude it´s fake or people are really stupid.
  • Not the one I voted for sadly, but will give it a shot I suppose.
  • @30: The votes are real. The problem is that they now twice pitched a fairly well known game against two games which barely have recognition.
  • Hopefully the vote to goes away ,glad I buy my own games .
  • oh stop pissing and moaning already! broforce won get over it. no matter how "shitty" it may look, its the gameplay that matters right? as "gamers" you would think that would be what you would want from a FREE GAME!!!
  • There's some valid points here but honestly the broforce trailer was epic, what people see is a trailer before voting and action henk didn't make sense personally it looked boring to me and Android cactus looked pretty good but as most people don't do research and just see a trailer I'm not surprised broforce won ... they had the best trailer so to all my bros chill out this is the brostation 4, act like it :)
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