Dying Light: The Following Trophy List Revealed

Dying Light: The Following Trophy List Revealed

Lee Bradley

Techland has revealed the trophy for Dying Light’s upcoming expansion, The Following. Check it out in full through this link here (you have to scroll down).

There’s a couple of little teasers in there. One of the trophies, called “And you liked him, didn’t you?” hints at the return of a familiar character. The description reads: “Meet your old friend again.” Who could it be?

There’s a few vehicle related trophies up for grabs too, made possible thanks to the add-on’s addition of cars. You’ll get one for winning “Bilal’s race”, another for killing a Demolisher in a car, another for reaching “Driver Rank 12”, and another for running over 500 zombies.

In addition to this, the list also contains a trophy for destroying 50 scarecrows. I wonder if they come to life?

Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition launches on February 9th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Alternatively, owners of the original Dying Light can buy The Following separately.

  • If this game was really as big as the real game, there should be more trophies... 10. LOL.
  • @1 - I have to agree. I thought they were making it out to be such a huge expansion. I expected a platinum list. Im surprised.
  • I meant a big* list.
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