The Escapists: The Walking Dead is Coming to PS4 Next Month

The Escapists: The Walking Dead is Coming to PS4 Next Month

Richard Walker

Team17 has announced that The Escapists: The Walking Dead will be heading to PlayStation 4 next month, putting you into the police boots of Rick Grimes, as he wakes up in Harrison Memorial Hospital Memorial Hospital with a tutorial level based on the first issue of the comic book.

He and his fellow survivors must then flee the armies of undead, with The Escapists' trademark 8-bit twist. Taking its cue from the excellent comic books, The Escapists: The Walking Dead will see Grimes and the gang struggling to secure their safety by finding an escape route out of each area, while managing a series of dangerous tasks to help keep as many members of your group alive as possible.

Faithful to the comic's timeline, as you progress through The Escapists: The Walking Dead, you'll see locations and characters that mirror the progress from the game's source material. There'll be over 250 materials to craft with, with more than 70 items like modified weapons, cutters and shovels to build.

The Escapists: The Walking Dead will be available for PS4 on 16th February 2016. Check out the trailer and some screens below.

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  • I've never seen a show get such attention, it's crazy! First the comic books, the tv show, telltales, the attrocity published by activision, this and countless gadgets. I love the show but seriously, when will it stop??
  • Loving this game at the moment, Some of the ways to escape are ingenious but frustrating. Highly recommend this one.
  • I hope that you can hide under a dumpster for an entire 6 episodes like Glenn did. #duckingthedumpster
  • @3 Thank for the spoiler you piece of shit.
  • @4 that episodes been out for months already. if you were a fan of the show, you would have seen it by now. get over yourself.
  • i wanted to buy this game sometime ago but just didn't know if i would like it or if i would sit and think. wow this is not worth the money too me cause it's short replay value AND or boring. if only there was a Demo...
  • @1: You know the show is based on the (superior in every way) comics, right? Not the other way around.
  • @1 Overkill Software (Developers of Payday) also have a Walking Dead co-op FPS in the works for sometime this year.
  • @#3 I know right hahah series lost so much in my eyes after that major BS! @#5 Agreed! OT: This is very tempting, luckily I have plenty other titles coming out in the next month to keep me busy enough... Mighty No.9, Unravel and AC: Russia will keep me busy. Just now playing through India and it does seem to handle better than China which was already pretty good IMO...
  • All I know is this advertising Flipbook or something is ruining the website! Urghhh! please someone remove it asap It's very annoying. Thank you
  • is this an add on or a full game?
  • @7 Reread my comment, I clearly mention the comic books first.. and of course its by FAR better than anything else TWD related.
  • There's another Walking Dead game in development as well, which sounds like it's going to be so sweet.
  • This is based on the comics and not the tv show for those asking. I like the fact that there is a trophy for collecting all 24 volumes. The current number of volumes released for the comics. lol
  • Nice! I had no idea about this. will be picking this up
  • will this be a retail release? or download only?
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