There's Hope Yet For the Cancelled Star Wars 1313

There's Hope Yet For the Cancelled Star Wars 1313

Richard Walker

With Disney acquiring the Star Wars IP and then subsequently shutting down LucasArts in 2013, one unfortunate casualty that got left behind was Star Wars 1313, a dark and gritty entry in the Star Wars video game universe featuring everyone's favourite bounty hunter, Boba Fett. But there could yet be a glimmer of hope for the abandoned project.

Fast forward to today, and Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy has revealed that Star Wars 1313 could still one day materialise, or at the very least, something from the remnants. ”So our attitude is, we don’t want to throw any of that stuff away,” Kennedy told Slashfilm. “It’s gold. And it’s something we’re spending a lot of time looking at, poring through, discussing, and we may very well develop those things further. We definitely want to.”

It could be that the concept work conducted on Star Wars 1313 lives on as intended in video game form, or as a different medium, like a TV show or part of the planned Star Wars live-action TV series. And the same presumably goes for any other Star Wars-related projects that were left on the cutting room floor at LucasArts.

Obviously, we want the Star Wars 1313 video game back. Please.

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  • Bleh, another one of those pointless news, about what may or may not happen. Seriously, does anyone even pay attention to that...? I could see Visceral working on a game like this as it was in a vein of Dead Space, but they already have a project and I am strong believer it will blow out what 1313could have been out of the water... Of course, that's just my hope;-)
  • @1: You, sir are an idiot! The reason why anybody would make such a statement is to check, how interested people still are in seeing the IP. This is the best time to keep talking about 1313 so it might eventually happen. And I would love to see that game one day! And of course it is totally like Dead Space, just like every TPS that is set in space, I can't wait to see them dismember Wookies *rolleyes* Seriously it looked more like Uncharted in Space. There was no horror element to the footage I saw, but then again you were just looking for an excuse to talk about a pretty mediocre studio that made it's last genuinely good game when it was still called EA Redwood Shores.
  • After battlefront I doubt many people care
  • @1 I'm still interested in hearing about it and just because you aren't doesn't mean others feel the same. Ignorant idiot as per usual. Hopefully they'll bring it back, some of the content I've seen made it look pretty interesting.
  • @#4 So you like dreaming huh? Good for you, as long as you don't end up crying about how much it changed, because of EA, blah blah... And that is assuming it ever comes out buhaha! @#2 Funny thing is, I don't see her mention 1313 anywhere, unless OP cut that part out, she might have been talking about SW stuff from Lucasarts in general? As to me bringing up Visceral - reason is simple, they're under EA and as far as I remember they're only studio that know how to make a solid TPS game over there... And as to your rolling eyes comment? How many TPS in space have you actually played, do tell? Visceral reinvented horror genre with DS (granted it went downhill with each sequel) and I could probably argue that it brough survival horror back on the map with many games to follow in years (and very few to come before it for years). So go preaching to someone who doesn't know anything about such games please.
  • 1313 probably simply has been a little too dark for Disneys taste and portfolio. Releasing a game like this would certainly be a statement, for a company who had otherwise more catered to the brighter side of entertainment. Let's hope they're not trying to make it as "Disney"-compatible as possible, I really liked that dark and gritty tone of what was shown of 1313.
  • @4 I don't take people who put X's at the start and end of their name seriously sorry. It's embarassing for someone who thinks he's better than everyone. It wasn't even being developed by EA so do the research before you talk rubbish, there's a good lad.
  • @5 No, your statement should read: "EA Redwood Shores reinvented horror genre with DS" because they were renamed to Visceral AFTER the first DS. As Visceral they have not made a genuinely good game. ;-) Besides most of the staff has changed since then and their last game also was a FPS. BTW even EA Redwood Shores did not reinvent the horror genre more like reinvigorate. DS was mostly just RE4 in Space (with better controls & atmosphere) Also you obviously did not understand my previous criticism: Just because 2 games have the same setting does not make them comparable! Bioshock takes place under water so does Ecco the Dolphin! Wow, do they have a lot in common! I'll let my 5 year old kid play both of them! So forgive me for not comparing an R rated horror game that relies on scares and dismemberment with a feeling of dread and despair to an game that should be Teen Rated with a feeling of action, adventure and excitement.
  • If it's made by EA. There is no hope for all of us.
  • @#7 I got nothing... Besides the fact that I know EA wasn't working on it. But EA has contract with Disney now to make all Star Wars games, so it would most likely end up with EA, sorry... #@8 As to the whole studio name. I obviously don't know as much as you do, BUT, I do have limited CE edition of the very first game which shows Visceral Studios everywhere on it... So whether they change their name before game came out or later is irrelevant, because DS was developed by Visceral... And does it even matter, if in the essence it is the same studio? Give me a break. As to rating, that's a good point, but I never said they would have to make it M, unless you doubt Visceral is capable of making T games? I mean many games, when you take out blood and gore (what if necromorphs simply died when shot, not that difficult to do, I would imagine) are basically T material... This I agree on though, poor choice of words, which happens to me quite often you understand? "BTW even EA Redwood Shores did not reinvent the horror genre more like reinvigorate. DS was mostly just RE4 in Space (with better controls & atmosphere)"
  • I personally say we need a new kotor or something along those lines. Stop focusing on the bounty hunters and people who shoot guns, they are only a small fraction of the star wars world. We need more lightsaber and force fights!!!! Just my personal opinion.
  • ea will get a hold of it and fk it up like they did Battlefront.
  • Huh, I've heard of this game now and then, but hearing about it more and more does make it sound interesting at the very least. I mean a game that stars Boba Fett is always welcome. I imagine that it would play like Dead Space? As in, control wise? Cause I myself enjoyed Dead Space and the controls, so really, if this game had the same sort of controls would be nice.
  • A game I want back and was looking forward to was : This is Vegas.
  • @10 and now I am done talking to you because you are simply a liar! Nowhere on the DS CE does it say Visceral! Not on the Box, not on the comic, not on the art book, not on the DVD, not on the patch, not on the autograph by that guy who basically got all the credit for developing the game but isn't working at visceral anymore. And not in the opening credits of the game if you just boot it up! NOWHERE! Because there was Visceral when DS was made!!!!! So either you are just lying or so stupid that you looked at your DS2 CE! No matter what, I am not wasting more of my life talking some stupid fanboy who can't even get his facts straight! But manages to distract a conversation that should be about 1313 to his fanboy topic of choice! FU!
  • @#15 Alright, I might be confusing it. I mean I've shipped out so many of these boxes (back when it came out, shipping to Europe was not available, so I helped out quite a few gamers overseas=)) I was sure it said Visceral on them, BUT I am not about to go digging up CE from attic to make good on argument. I'll just have to trust you LOL In other related news, I already said, what does it matter what the name of the studio is if it's basically same people, huh? Anyway, I agree, let's get back on subject which is that you don't believe Visceral can make a solid 1313 game and I believe quite the opposite.. Only time will tell who is right though. Peace.
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