GameStop Lists Ape Escape For PS3

Richard Walker

GameStop is listing Ape Escape for PS3, which could be either Ape Escape Fury! Fury!, which is currently in development, or Ape Escape 4, which is also underway.

With an attached date of November 1st, 2010, it seems more likely it'll be Ape Escape Fury! Fury!, which is a first-person Move game that will have you swinging your net and other ape-capturing gadgets with the controller to catch the pesky little blighters.

Here's hoping that the new Ape Escape titles innovate with Move in the same way it did with the original Ape Escape and the DualShock analogue sticks on the PSone.

[Via Siliconera]

  • good move by sony by putting this as a move game this could get quite intresting.
  • just what the ps3 needs mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm !!!!!!!!!!!
  • not
  • Move? NO! I had high hopes for this game, but after seeing that it may only play for Move, it killed the incoming hype. :/ I hope we have the option to play with the controller.
  • @4 I agree, i want to play this like the ape escape games in the ps1!
  • Gamestop is a whorehouse than can eat my ass.... its ridiculous to buy a "New" game only to watch the asshole walk over to the shelf, grab a case with a Gamestop 59.99 sticker on it, throw the disc in there and shrink it in front of me.. thats not fuckin new..
  • I would have prefered a new Abe's Odyssey...
  • I loved the first game but its the only one I've played. Sucks if its for Move only.
  • @6 its a safeguard against theft. You are still the first to play it. Ape escape for Move? Pure genius! Kudos Sony, Kudos.
  • Ape Escape is one of the main reasons I want Move, although I'd have preferred a third person game like the others and not a first person, seems it'd be quite limiting.
  • @6 I hate this as well, but just ask for a Game with a wrapper around it. You know you can do that right? ;) They have several copies with wrappers in their drawer as well. Only 2 times out of like 40 have they not had the game I wanted with a wrapper around it as well. And those few times you can say 'I don't want it then'. I really fancy gamestop, but it's probably cause I like the people at my local gamestop (and they hopefully like me) and that I've made loads of money off them ;) But on topic: This game might give me the incentive to buy the Move, since I love Ape Escape. Hopefully it will not disappoint!
  • @6 I agree 1000000% its annoying i dont want a new game with 3 stickers on and already open lol
  • I was never really intrested in the games before, but the whole move thing makes sense for a game like this, might be worth a try then if I get the move controller lol Though the one chair game makes move look pretty good and thats all i can recall after being up 20 hours and not doing much info gathering on it.
  • YES! But Move noooooooo!
  • @6: Agreed 100%. If they have actual new copies they should not be giving you an open one, and if they don't, they should not be charging you new game price for it.
  • As much as you complain it's not like they have enough room behind the counter for every single new copy
  • O_O i always loved the ape escape games, but first person? screw that!!!
  • I've always wanted to play Ape Escape so hopefully this one isn't dependent on Move, as I'm not a fan of swinging my arms around like an idiot. Does anyone remember when the first one came out on PS1, and people were calling it a sell out, because you had to have an analogue controller to play it? hahaha
  • Well i can say everyones favourite is back . All they need is theme park world and the first spyro remakes, and ps3 will be the best :PP
  • @7 AGREED
  • Huh, this looks weird. I remember those monkeys from the eyetoy-game, which sucked. Not interested.
  • As long as the core game is a platformer, and isn't entirely focused on the Move, I can see this working. But if it just ends up like a piece of Wii shovelware, count me out. However, based on the fact that its Ape Escape, I'll be keeping it on my radar.
  • Ape Escape was awesome back in the day, can't wait for this!
  • OMG i love ape escape funny memory's
  • @9 your wrong there is no guarantee that the game is not played since the employees are allowed to take home new games and play them then return them and still sell them as new. I know I used to work there. If they really wanted to safeguard against stealing they could get cases and case their stuff up like other stores.
  • Ape Escape 4 please. But if it's Move only, then I am going to be upset....I would rather play the game like the old ones on the PS1/PS2, left stick for weapon and right stick for movement, x, o, square and triangle for weapons sort of thing XD
  • why can't they get ape escape 2 & 3 in a HD CLASSICS bundle for ps3? tbh this looks like an average ape escape game
  • I was hoping for a real Ape Escape.. Ape Escape 4 :( I don't know if I'm going to like this or not, but I want Ape Escape 4 so bad :( let it be Ape Escape collection if it's not possible
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