"The Team Scared the Crap out of Me" with Call of Duty: Black Ops III - Mark Lamia Interview

"The Team Scared the Crap out of Me" with Call of Duty: Black Ops III - Mark Lamia Interview

Richard Walker

Call of Duty: Black Ops III is the first game in the series to benefit from a three-year development cycle, which means Treyarch is really looking to pull out all of the stops for this year's entry. As ever, a separate campaign, multiplayer and Zombies mode is a given, but there's more to look forward to.

Like full 4-player co-op for the campaign, new Specialist classes for multiplayer and a lot more besides. We caught up with Treyarch's Studio Head Mark Lamia during a hectic E3 last month to talk all about how the developer is "bringing it" for Black Ops III, and what that means for the game.

According to Lamia, the team "scared the crap" out of him during pre-production on the game, with the number of risks being taken. In short, Treyarch isn't resting on its laurels for Call of Duty: Black Ops III, due out on 6th November. Find out more from Lamia in our interview below.

  • Hype hype hype. As if CoD needs it.
  • Nice interview and some great questions! Hopefully one day a person asks Treyarch if they ever going to come out with a Zombies only disc. I wanna have a blu-ray disc with 20 maps on it (including all the classic ones) remastered for PS4 in 1080p 60fps.
  • "risks with CoD" What risks? Till AW it was the exact same game for almost 10 years.
  • Another quasi-on rails campaign, multiplayer with the same perks but with different names should scare the studio head of a company. Mainly because it's the same shit each year and just like apple fanboys, these guys eat it all up.
  • A great interview & what looks like to me the best Black Ops scratch that the best COD game to date, l am also very glad Treyarch has just focused on the current gen using the PS4 as the lead console.The environments look a lot bigger than any other COD game, and a first for co-op. What he was saying in the interview was very interesting, and Zombies look ace i cannot wait for it. The 1940's settings & characters look really good too, there is no doubt that
  • Treyarch does the best and original Zombies mode. Didn't finish my other post off sorry.
  • @3 I'll give you a hint, they where speaking about Black Ops 3 & it's definitely a first for co-op which could easily be seen as a risk. And this is without going into detail about all the other new features, which haven't been in a COD game. @4 Please point out where Black Ops 3 is the same as every other COD, I know what you'll probably say but I'll take info off the people that have actually played the game. I think your pulling at straws with that one (Another quasi-on rails campaign).
  • @7 w@w had co-op campaign, that was a treyarch game.
  • I literally only buy the 3Arc CoDs. They gt increasingly better imo, so I'm really looking forward to this one. Hope it doesn't dissapoint.
  • What frightens me is the lack of any dedicated server support
  • @7 It's not so much about asking what is the same, as questioning what is different? A few abilities such as drone hacking seem like it might level the play field a little, might, but other then that, I see nothing new or 'risky' really. We'll see what happens, but this will likely just be like every other CoD game, I wish he'd stop saying its about 'player choice' in this interview though, following what he's mentioning it about, EVERY game has been about play choice, this one isn't special so far. The real reason they chose to make Black Ops 3 is because it's the more recently recognised name, not because 'there's stories to tell within black ops' you could shift the title to WaW 2 and it's doubtful anyone would question why (nothings written in stone WaW2 would need to be a world war 2 game).
  • @6 Damn Straight none of that AW ripoff. I only played Riot for zombies, no dlc. @2 I know I been thinking the same thing. I had a few cool concepts. I hope if they every do it, it includes not only old/new maps, but a complete storyline. They probably won't do it though since some people would pay $60 just to get some zombie maps. That would boost their sales for Black Ops where as they would make a standalone game would just be linear. @7 So I guess Halo 4 is also a CoOp game? A game where you both the same character? WaW was the same. Not a focused storyline like BlOps3 has. @10 Enjoy a host migration while you wait.
  • I was hoping there going do W@W2 well black ops III will do for now
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