Destiny: The Taken King's Raid is the Biggest Bungie Has Ever Made - Video Interview

Destiny: The Taken King's Raid is the Biggest Bungie Has Ever Made - Video Interview

Richard Walker

Destiny: The Taken King commences year two for Bungie's shooter, kickstarting a stack of new content for the game, which includes a new chunk of story, new Strikes, new PvP Crucible maps and a lot more besides. Oh, and a new Raid. That's pretty big.

Three new Guardian sub-classes also make their debut in Destiny: The Taken King, granting your heroic character sexy new abilities, like the Hunter's Void Bow, the Titan's flame hammer and the Warlock's formidable Storm Caller special, which enables you to go all Palpatine Force Lightning on your enemy's ass.

We caught up with Bungie's Community Lead Eric Osborne during E3 last month to get the lowdown on what's new in Destiny: The Taken King, and what fans of the game have to look forward to when the expansion launches on 15th September.

  • A 'new story'? It had a story before?
  • Going by how they handled the original release and the DLC expect this DLC to be about....20% of what they hype it to be?
  • @1 Story is this; kill 3 waves of enemies then ghost opens door to kill BIG enemy in longer mission, join to random guys that you don't know team up with people on friends list, randoms from websites etc. to kill mythological enemies of the darkness (raid) @2 you mean 2.0% lol
  • Oh man can't wait to not do this raid either since leveling is nothing but a grindfest and there's no matchmaking for it. I understand it'd be tough to do that with how big Raids are, but they could at least implement some sort of Party Finder, for you to find people who are all willing to commit to it.
  • Love how they keep saying 'more strikes' 'more missions' how about a figure?
  • @5: It will have at least 3 "new" strikes. "Redesigned and reimagined Strikes – Dust Palace, Undying Mind, and Cerberus Vae III – are now overrun by the Taken." I'm pretty sure they are counting these aswell. It's kinda funny to me that they are taking the Sony exclusive strikes and repackage them for the new expansion when Xbox players will also finally get them.
  • I'm interested in getting the dlc, but until bungie give some specifics on what my money ( the cost of a full game ) is going on then I'll wait until after release. bungie are like your local drug dealers, always willing to help at a cost and not getting much for what you pay, fucking you over at the same time, but you still keep going back... If we as a hole keep giving in to the demands of these developers, then the game industry will keep watching and learning... Fucking us over knowing we'll moan, but pay.
  • The biggest raid bungie has ever made still doesn't mean much, being the Vault of Glass takes about an hour with a good team and Crota can be run through in 30 mins with 2 people. Oh and I will seriously sh!t bricks if the "new" strikes are just variants of old ones with taken enemies instead of the standard Cabal.
  • Yall bitches moan, yet will still buy and play the shit. fk them and let the shit die
  • All of this stuff sounds like it should have been in the game to start with.
  • #8 Thought the same thing after reading that.... the bosses are some of the worst bosses, in any game. No creativity, no effort needed; once you know the formula (which is basically shoot the boss while killing enemies) the strike becomes a breeze. All the bosses are simply bigger variations of the enemies we already face anyways.... lame as fuck. @10 Ya term, definitely feels like that. There were a few story missions, added from the DLC, that had tutorials like it was preparing you for the Vault of Glass raid; killing oracles, hopping over disappearing platforms and even the weight of darkness effect. ALL of that shit should have been released BEFORE The VoG, placing it after the fact makes no sense whatsoever. Slicing and Dicing this game, slicing and mother fuckin dicing!
  • The biggest raid Bungie has ever made is our pockets lol and it's worked big time
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